New Scientist: It’s As Funny as Reservoir Dogs! (16.4.2023)

The Agency of US Anti-Intellectualism Permeates the Entire Genre of Western Education and Masquerades as Some Type of ‘Higher’ Knowledge!

It would seem that ‘truth’ is a commidity to be traded on the open market – just like any other! The mainstream so-called ‘science’ media has continuously published ‘untruths’ over the years designed to manipulate the viewpoints of its readership – including the nonsense that the Big Bang has not happened – whilst also referring to the Covid-19 illness by the racist epithet of the ‘China Virus’ – following Trump’s advice! The Chernobyl nuclear accident was not as bad as the US (Cold War anti-intellectual) assessment falsely suggests. The ‘nuclear accident’ equals ‘Communist debauchery’ troupe is a tired and false dichotomy. Far from being the only nuclear accident in world history – the Fukushima disaster was far worse and destructive (and yet this ‘accident’ is NOT used to shed ‘doubt’ on the US-inspired ‘capitalist’ system the Japanese people are currently made to endure). Furthermore, the US tested atomic weapons a number of times prior to dropping two atomic bombs on the densely populated Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki! The genetic damage from these actions has been untold and continues to be felt.

And then there are all the atomic ‘test’ explosions initiated by the US after WWII (which included exposing US Serviceman to nuclear poisoning) – and the numerous atomic ‘accidents’ that happened in the US throughout the Cold War (which the US government does not want you to know about or discuss)! The genetic damage inflicted upon the environment (and everything in it) is ongoing and forever expanding! This compendium of US (capitalist) disaster is compounded by the fact that American nuclear weapons have gone ‘missing’ and which includes countries such as Apartheid South Africa and Zionist Israel defying the International community and test-exploding nuclear weapons!

Meanwhile, the US continues to threaten North Korea and China with nuclear attack as a means to overthrow the Socialist regimes and implement predatory capitalism! How much genetic damage has the US inflicted on the genome of the planet (including wold dogs)? Probably about as much as the damage US anti-intellectualism is doing to mainstream science and the thought processes of humanity! In the end, it makes no difference whether the dogs are ‘strays’ or ‘domestic’ – we are ALL damaged by radiation leaks wherever they originate, and there is no point generating the illusion that ‘over there’ things are far worse!