The Progressive Nature of the Trans Movement! (11.4.2023) 

Before Great Britain spread its White, industrialised and Christian (binary) culture across the world – human beings related to one another in many different ways. This diversity was destroyed by the musket, cannon and torture cell! Mass rape and unfamiliar illnesses did the rest! Whilst spreading predatory capitalism across the world – the only way to survive was to conform to the cultural norms of the invader. Before this happened, of course, the ruling Bourgeoisie had already enforced this form existence upon the peasants and workers of Great Britain. We, as a distinct class, had no choice but to conform to the cultural constrictions that were being enforced! This model of society is the most efficient for the Bourgeoisie to exploit everyone living within it. Rebellion and self-assertion are rejected and prevented in all directions. 

Once the European model of mind, body and spiritual exploitation had been fully developed in the home countries – it was then forcibly spread throughout those countries (and cultures) which existed within pre-modern forms of expression. The idea of ‘gender’ and ‘sexual’ orientation existed on scales of understanding and representation that had long been suppressed by the ruling Bourgeoisie – as such concepts of being representative of a threat to the exploitative status quo. This constriction sought to remove these purely ‘human’ (and ‘natural’) modes of expression from the human mind and body – so that post-industrial workers conformed to religiously ordained monogamy and heterosexuality! After-all, ‘new’ workers (born ready to exploit) are only produced for the factories (and the Churches) if men and women engage in the narrowest of physical relationships! 

The Trans Movement is both highly progressive (and Revolutionary) as well as representing the most basic of genuine Human Rights. What better ‘right’ is there if not the ‘right’ to be ‘human’? Bourgeois brainwashing destroys the full range of human identity and sexual orientation. In many ways, contemporary Trans Comrades are rediscovering and reinvigorating a very real human reality that has been forcibly stripped away from society by a class of greedy merchants who could afford to pay and equip armies to enforce its (perverted) political will! It is the Bourgeoisie which has been the greatest purveyor of sexual and identity perversion the world has ever known! Although contemporary capitalist society has been brainwashed into thinking monogamy and heterosexuality are ‘real’ concepts – history tells a very different story! Each has a distinct path of development and justification and can be subjected to ‘deconstruction’. Just because these ways of viewing the world is a very powerful belief system – it does not necessarily follow that these concepts are objectively correct or even inevitable! 

Disabled people, indigenous people, tribal people and ethnic groups of all persuasions possess their own distinctive identities that far outshine the flat and boring monogamy of Bourgeoise ‘straight’ society. This includes the ‘Celtic’ cultures that were suppressed and destroyed by the Romans, Vikings, Anglos and Saxons throughout the UK! To put it simply – ‘White’ people are only ‘White’ when they lose their pervasive and all-transcending spiritual and physical identities! The Trans Movement in the West reminds us of this reality. As predatory capitalism is acknowledged by the Trans Movement as a historical force that has been the catalyst that has done the greatest damage to human identity – I am of the opinion that the Trans Comrades are the vanguard of a progressive ‘Communist’ Movement that is confronting and transcending the reaction of predatory capitalism – and they are doing this on every level! 

The intellectual and personality offensives are just two components successfully deployed by these ‘New’ Red Army Shock Troops! On other Fronts these soldiers for humanity are paying the ultimate price with their minds and bodies as the forces of reaction take their sanity, their health and their very lives! Many so-called Communist Parties throughout the world should be ashamed of themselves for failing to acknowledge the vitally important spiritual, physical and cultural force that the Trans Movement represents! Whilst a capitalist Russia fights Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine – its leaders and Church perpetuates the most hideous homophobia and transphobic attitudes – certainly matching those of the Hitlerites occupying the opposite trenches! And then on occasion I see our Palestinian (Islamic) Comrades routinely expressing homophobic attitudes! These are the contradictions we all have to exist within! I would still stand with Russia and Palestine – but my family also stands firmly with ALL members of the Trans Movement and the 2SLBGTQN+ Community because ‘I’ – ‘We’ believe in ‘their’ – ‘our’ collective destiny!