DPRK: Opening Ceremony for Chosun Disabled Children Restoration Centre! (2.4.2023)

(Korean Central News Agency from April 2, Pyongyang)

The opening ceremony was held on the 1st June (2023) at the Joseon Disabled Children Restoration Centre.


Comrade Yun Chang-il – Chairman of the Central Committee of the Korean Federation for the Protection of Disabled Comrades – together with children from recovery centres, orphanages, education centres, together with doctors and parents – all attended!

First of all, the participants respectfully presented baskets of flowers whilst videos of the inspiring art work of the great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il were played – all smiling brightly as they moved amongst the Disabled children – offering their sincere greetings!

At the Opening Ceremony – there were discussions following the remarks of Comrade Song Hyang-Chun – the Director of the Centre for Restoration!

Speakers (and other expert participants) explained that many achievements have been made in the past period regarding the expert (and scientific) work involving recovery and recuperation in the areas of childcare and education of adults who work Disabled children – and the education of children born with Disabilities (or who have developed or acquired Disabilities post-birth) – expressing the inherent kindness of the Mother (Socialist) Workers’ Party, which warmly takes care of ALL children throughout the entirety of the “Liberated” country!

These experts collectively emphasized that children with Disabilities will continue to grow through the use and application of bright and courageous medical and educational programmes which encourage the development of their hopes and talents of each child – facilitating a blossoming in the future! Disabled people are an important part of our Revolution and are serving as a very real benefits for our country’s most Superior Socialist System! Following this collective discussion – all the participants enthusiastically looked around the recovery centre! (End)

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North Korean Language Article:


조선장애어린이회복원 개학식 진행

(평양 4월 2일발 조선중앙통신)

조선장애어린이회복원에서 1일 개학식이 진행되였다.

조선장애자보호련맹 중앙위원회 위원장 윤창일동지,회복원의 어린이들,보육원,교양원,의사들,학부형들이 여기에 참가하였다.

참가자들은 먼저 어린이들속에 계시며 환히 웃으시는 위대한 수령 김일성대원수님과 위대한 령도자 김정일대원수님의 영상미술작품에 꽃바구니를 진정하고 삼가 인사를 드리였다.

개학식에서는 회복원 원장 송향춘동지의 발언에 이어 토론들이 있었다.

발언자와 토론자들은 온 나라 아이들을 따뜻이 보살펴주는 어머니당의 은정속에 지난 기간 장애어린이들에 대한 회복 및 보육교양,교육사업에서 많은 성과들이 이룩된데 대해 언급하였다.

가장 우월한 우리 나라 사회주의제도의 혜택속에서 앞으로도 장애어린이들이 희망과 재능을 꽃피우며 밝고 씩씩하게 자라날것이라고 그들은 강조하였다.

이어 참가자들은 회복원의 여러곳을 돌아보았다.(끝)

http://www.kcna.kp (주체112.4.2.)