Goldsworthy Gurney

My Theory About Electric Cars! (15.3.2023) 

The capitalist world does not alter its machinations on a voluntary basis. This is because the generation of surplus value is inherently linked to the status quo. The established Bourgeoisie does not want to empower the far more numerical working-class or allow the upper-class to sneak its way back into power and influence! Changing how surplus value is generated is a dangerous and unwelcomed process. In October 1973, the Organisation of Oil Producing Companies (OPEC) – led by Saudi Arabia – announced an oil embargo on ALL countries that had expressed support for Zionist Israel during the Yom Kippur War. This act of Middle Eastern Solidarity sent shockwaves throughout the Western world and is responsible for the Federal government of the US imposing a ridiculous ‘55 MPH’ speed limit on ALL roads throughout every State of North America!  

Interestingly, this ‘loss of State freedom’ has just been accepted as inevitable and irreversible by the mainstream, right-wing and far-right politicians of the US – the same people who think they are losing all types of freedoms due to the presence of people in America because these people are of ‘different ethnicities’. I am not opposed to electric cars as I welcome all scientifically led advancements throughout all of society! I am also aware that the concept of electric cars has been around for decades and was being developed in Japan as early as 1947! Indeed, Sir Goldsworthy Gurney of Cornwall, UK, even produced a number of steam-powered road vehicles during 1825! The point of this essay is not to oppose the development of technology – but rather question ‘why’ the Bourgeois Establishment in the West is allowing a widespread manufacture and distribution of electric cars to the point where the intention is to REPLACE all petrol-powered vehicles!  

I suspect that the US is preparing for Zionist Israel to launch a massive land grab by militarily invading what is left of Palestine – and expelling all the Palestinians so that they become ‘Refugees’. If everyone in the West is driving ‘electric cars’ – then it will not matter if OPEC announces an embargo over this action! The US will protect Zionist Israel from all military retaliation and will not allow any Israeli citizen to be prosecuted for War Crimes or Crimes Against Humanity! Any help offered to these displaced Palestinians will be severely limited by the US and controlled by the threat of sanctions and military action. The treatment meted out to the Palestinians (because they are not ‘White’) – will be very different to that received by the Ukrainian Neo-Nazis – vicious criminals who are currently being assisted by the US, UK and EU! Remember, the UN voted to declare Zionist ideology to be a form of ‘White Supremacy’ practiced primarily by ‘White’, ‘secular’ and ‘middle-class’ people of Jewish ethnicity. It is a fascist ideology also supported by the Christian right-wing and far-right.