Falun Gong Cult: Hong Kong’s Solidarity ‘Rejects’ Li Hongzhi’s Abuse! (6.1.2013)

Li Hongzhi (李洪志) is well known to the world! He is the leader of the Falun Gong Cult. This Living Cult Leader has hid in the United States for more than ten years – sheltered and supported by the US government.

During 1999, the Chinese government complied with public opinion and banned the Falun Gong Cult as an ‘abusive’ organization – according to law. Over the past ten years, many members (who had mistakenly entered the Falun Gong Cult) have found their way back to reality through the care of local government departments and various supportive agencies within society – and have regained their normal lives. Throughout China – the family and friends of these former Falun Gong Cult victims have expressed pride at this transformation!

A few obsessives have fled to live overseas, however, where they beg for a living! The local (well-meaning) Chinese community living overseas patiently told these people that they are wrong because they are the victims of “mind-controlled” initiated by Li Hongzhi – who has “harvested” their brains alive. This is a really pitiful situation! These poor people (whose brains have been “harvested alive”) live on the streets and work for their Master (Li Hongzhi) – not knowing that Li Hongzhi enjoys a luxurious life all day long in the bustling New York metropolis of the United States.

There are people who are used as tools by Li Hongzhi not only overseas, but also in Hong Kong. The citizens of Hong Kong have felt resentful and deeply disturbed after witnessing these ignorant people (forced by Li Hongzhi) to do endless contemptible things – so that the infrastructure of Hong Kong is harmed!

Recently, some netizens have informed reporters that Hong Kong residents have rose up and took to the streets to unfurl banners stating “Falun Gong is an Evil Cult that Harms Hong Kong” – denouncing the Falun Gong Cult’s evil deeds!

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