Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Thousands of Dead AFU Bodies! (19.1.2023)

Dead AFU Are Stored Wherever There is Space!

The Western-trained Neo-Nazi AFU forces are suffering massive casualties every time they encounter Russian, Chechen or Donbass Militia Forces! Although the US, UK and EU are training and equipping the AFU and the thousand of White Supremacists ‘Volunteers’ from the Hitlerite groups across the world – they are not getting the material return they expected! Ten of thousands of Neo-Nazi Ukrainian dead now litter the battlefield – with Russia struggling to store and preserve these remains whilst retaining basic levels of respect and hygiene! At the moment, the cold winter conditions are helping to preserve the bodies in places such as Soledar. Of course, far-right websites supporting Ukraine in the West are showing film footage of mounds of dead AFU with their badges blurred-out and falsely stating these are Russian casualties! When the AFU attempt to stand their ground – they suffer immense material damage and a great loss of life! The West is losing in the Ukraine and the general public paying for this conflict (and Israel’s aggression and War Crimes in Syria) is being continuously lied to!