Pretentious US Crime Assessment Channels (Inspired by JCS) [20.1.2023]

US Anti-Intellectualism Is the Basis of All US Governmental Policy and Informs Ordinary US Citizens How to Behave. It Deliberately Misinterprets and Disinforms and is Designed to Mislead the General Public.

I love the way ordinary Americans assume they are experts in Criminal Psychology, understand human behaviour to a greater degree than the Police – and can second guess the motives of every casual (or hardened) criminal – whilst simultaneously remaining decidedly unable to predict, prevent or otherwise ‘protect’ society from a single crime – or intended criminal act. The authors of these Channels are not qualified to authoritatively commentate or interpret ‘crime’ – or criminal ‘psychology’.

In reality, the agency of US anti-intellectualism is allowing these pretensions individuals to brainwash the audience into ‘interpreting’ events in a certain prejudicial and skewed manner conditioned not by academic certainty, scientific knowledge or objective fact – but rather through cloistered upbringing, political motivation and racial bias. In other words, these individuals copy the example set by the average US government and the manner through which these entities habitually misinterpret the world.

US social media is a means for contemporary individuals to make an excessive amount of money without actually performing any genuine, worthwile or productive labour. This level of utter stupidity is a highly lucrative way through which the average ‘non-productive’ US parasitic citizen can make a living whilst still appearing to conform to the norms and expectations that apply to the capitalist system. As no productive labour is being performed – these individuals are not constructively contributing to the well-being of society. On the contrary, as these individuals are not properly trained Police Officers, Lawyers, Psychologists, Psychiatrists or Criminal Behaviourists, etc, they are not QUALIFIED to comment about any aspect of the functioning of the law enforcement, legal or judicial systems. These ‘non-productive’ individuals are stating personal ‘opinion’ for entertainment purposes only – for which the (inverted) US capitalist system rewards them to grotesque and ridiculous levels of renumeration.