Chernobyl: April 26, 1986 (01:23:47) – Nuclear Explosion! (26.4.2022)

The death toll, from what I understand, was low at the time of the explosion limited to Staff – which I think was around forty. However, thousands of specially trained Soviet Staff fought the blaze and dealt with the radio-active material! It is in this process that damage was done due to the radiation levels being far higher than anything expected! A number of Russian historians suspect Western sabotage – whilst the West plays it down (Socialism is far more dangerous to capitalism than radiation) – attributing it to Soviet incompetence!

Russian Army: Medals Awarded for Gallantry in New Anti-Fascist War! (29.3.2022)

The same British media which is lauding the Neo-Nazi Ukraine Regime, is exactly the same British media which ignored the UN finding that between 2010-2016 the Tory and LibDems Government murdered in access of 120,000 vulnerable and disabled people in the UK through sudden Benefit, NHS and Social Service cuts! Indeed, we can conclude from this observation that the British media has been supporting fascism for far longer than Russia has been fighting it in the a Ukraine! Although, of course, Russia has a long history of opposing the far-right!

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