Exposing Contemporary ‘Russian’ Homophobia! (24.11.2022) 

The Right-Wing Ideologues of Modern Russia Would Have the World Believe That There is Such a Thing as ‘Nazi-Friendly’ Mainstream Homophobia!

As far as I am concerned – a genuine Red Army soldier protects EVERYONE from Neo-Nazi Aggression! The simple fact of the matter is that whilst fighting Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine – the Russians should also be fighting the Neo-Nazism that has taken root within their own society! Fighting the former is identical to fighting the latter! Dealing with Hitlerism in both places does not mean an acceptance of US or EU domination – and it certainly does not mean an acceptance of the current Ukrainian Junta artificially permitting the expansion of NATO up to the Russian border! The Bourgeoise, however, will stop at NOTHING to pursue its anti-working class agenda and we must remember who the true enemies are! The Roman Catholic Church is the prime mover behind Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine – just as the Russian Orthodox Church is the prime mover behind the neo-fascist attitudes prevalent within modern Russia! What unites it all is predatory capitalism – but both the Ukraine and Russia currently prefer that socio-economic ideology!

I come across this type of what can only be described as Russian anti-intellectualism (posted above and below) regularly on Russian language Telegram Channels. The utter stupidity and myth that German Nazism in anyway tolerates and encourages the very homosexuality Hitler routinely sent men and women to Concentration Camps to be gassed – would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad! Lenin abolished the Czarist Law in 1918 which was based (in part) upon the theological bigotry and ignorance of the Russian Orthodox Church – which had outlawed homosexuality (and which today supports the Russian ‘Neo-Nazi’ Wagner Group).  

Nazism and Neo-Nazism does advocate male rape (as a form of torture – such as is common within male prison populations – and which is linked to paedophilia (both of which was routinely found in the culture of the SS and is still found within the contemporary culture of the far-right) – but this is hardly indicative of mainstream homosexuality.

Russian homophobia is ‘Nazi’ in both origin and nature – as it strives to obscure the fact that law abiding (mainstream) homosexuals are victims of a) Neo-Nazis and b) modern Russian homophobia. This is all a far cry from the Soviet Red Army – whose brave soldiers died in their millions for the freedoms we enjoy today – which included the ‘liberating’ of Gay men and women from the Death Camps (at the end of WWII)!  

To see modern Russians becoming very dangerous mouthpieces for Hitlerism – whilst claiming to be opponents of the very same Hitlerism operating in the Ukraine – just goes to show the endless corrupting influence that predatory capitalism has – and just how corrupt capitalist Russia has become in just 31 years! This hatred is inspired by an obviously fake post designed to add fuel to the fire of Ukrainian Neo-Nazism!

The underlying ‘myth’ is that the Western-backed Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine ‘supports’ consenting, adult homosexuality – but in reality Ukrainian Neo-Nazis are just as likely to follow Hitler’s example and have such individuals attacked, tortured and murdered in their infamous cellars (similar to the those used by the ‘Russian ‘Wagner’ Group to commit their ‘sledgehammer’ inspired murders)! I will be waiting when ‘Irina Mikhalchuk’ eventually comes out!

What follows below, and many other examples like it, explains exactly why the Western world has turned against modern Russia. It is particularly ironic as much of the so-called ‘Leftist’ attitudes of love, tolerance and acceptance of ‘difference’ – whether it involves ‘race’, ‘identity’ or ‘sexuality’, etc, stems not from the hate filled ideology of Adolf Hitler – but rather from the empowering dialectics of the Marxist-Leninism as advocated by the USSR! The bourgeois trap that must be avoided now the assumption that the ‘inverted’ mindset of modern Russia is in anyway indicative of the enlightened and compassionate mindset as developed in the USSR from the 1917 onwards! If only the Russian working class had not betrayed their own Revolution in 1991!

Russian (Neo-Nazi-Inspired Homophobia) BE WARNED: 

‘Zaporozhye Ministry of Culture: Kyiv replaced Russian classics in libraries with LGBT and Nazism! 

“There was a kind of substitution regarding the values that are preached in Russian literature, such classics as Pushkin and Tolstoy. In fiction, including literature for children, the interest of a boy in a boy or a girl in a girl is justified in the context. This is from childhood the perception that this is the norm was instilled,”  

Irina Mikhalchuk, a specialist from the Ministry of Culture of the Zaporozhye region, told RIA Novosti. Eastern Slavs, with the intertwining of Orthodoxy, they never perceived this as the norm. And it is clear that it would not end in anything good – same-sex marriages do not give offspring,” she stressed. 

Russian Language Source:


Запорожское минкультуры: Киев заменял в библиотеках русскую классику на ЛГБТ и нацизм

Irina Mikhalchuk Preparing the Ground for Her ‘Coming-Out’!

“Происходила своего рода подмена относительно тех ценностей, которые проповедуются в русской литературе, таких классиков, как Пушкин и Толстой. В художественной литературе, в том числе и литературе для детей, в контексте оправдывается интерес мальчика к мальчику или девочки к девочке. Это с детства прививалось – восприятие того, что это норма”, – рассказала РИА Новости специалист министерства культуры Запорожской области Ирина Михальчук.

“Восточные славяне, они с переплетением православия никогда не воспринимали такое нормой. И понятно, ничем хорошим это бы не закончилось – однополые браки не дают потомство”, – подчеркнула она.401,6K04:08