Putin Orders Russian Soldiers ‘Arrested’! (22.11.2022)

Under International Law an Individual Soldier Has a Right To ‘Disobey’ An Order That is ‘Illegal’ or Immoral!

In Russia, for the first time since the beginning of the war, criminal cases have been opened under the Military Article Entitled “Failure to comply with an order.”

Criminal cases have opened against two Russian Servicemen in the Belgorod region for refusing to carry-out an order during combat conditions.

The two Russian Servicemen (serving with two different frontline Units) have been charged with ‘Demonstrating Cowardice’ and ‘Unwillingness to Follow Orders’ issued by a Superior Officer under Combat Conditions! The Order(s) – issued first verbally and secondly in writingly – specified that each soldier was to ‘Mobilise’ and move to the ‘Front’!

Following these two refusal(s) to obey the Unit Commander’s Direct Order(s) to leave for the Combat Zone – Criminal Cases were initiated against both soldiers under Article: 332 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation – Part 2.1 (“Failure to Comply with an Order”). Punishment varies from 2 to 3 years in prison. The Servicemen in question were detained whilst on parade.

President Putin ordered this procedure to be filmed – whilst demonstrating an air of Slavic compassion! If these men ‘Volunteer’ for the ultra far-right (Russian) Wagner PMC (Mercenary Group) – these ‘Charges’ will be dropped!

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В России впервые с начала войны завели уголовные дела по статье “Невыполнение приказа”.
На двоих военнослужащих в Белгородской области завели уголовные дела за отказ выполнять боевой приказ.

Двое военнослужащих из разных подразделений, проявив трусость и нежелание выполнять боевой приказ командира сначала в устной, а потом и в письменной форме отказались выполнять приказ командира части об убытии в зону ведения боевых действий, вследствие чего в отношении них были возбуждены уголовные дела по ст. 332 УК РФ ч. 2.1 (“Неисполнение приказа”). Наказание от 2 до 3 лет лишения свободы. Военнослужащих задержали прямо на построении.

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