Everyone’s a Warrior – or Should Be… (21.11.2022) 

The Great Mao Zedong – Who Led the Chinese People to Freedom!

Until the return fire comes in! Then material reality comes a knocking. I have always said that the link between the socio-economic system of predatory capitalism – and mental illness – remains essentially untapped and more or less completely unexplored either medically or academically. This is because the powers that be, that is the democratically elected (liberal) governments (and the elites that sustain such entities) – do not want this association known. If it were properly understood that the routine exploitation of the minds and bodies of the individual components that comprise the masses leads to a dysfunction in a significant section of that population – then the intelligentsia might start writing articles calling for its abolition and replacement. This is a slippery slope that the US government (and its European lackeys) certainly does not want the world to know or even consider. Instead, a game of so-called ‘calculated’ risk is played-out which sees the majority of brainwashed individuals retaining all the psychological and emotional damage within themselves (as a seething mess of contradictions and self-hate) – whilst limiting their actions to merely following lawful impulses. Racially hating everything ‘Chinese’ for example, is perfectly fine providing that race ‘hate’ is manifested through the acceptable mechanisms that define polite society!  

Thomas Sankara – The White Establishment Will Not Tolerate ‘Blackmess’ of this Calibre!

This is how society functions on a daily basis within ‘White’, liberal elites. The ‘deep’ governments of these entities, (those that are always in power regardless of the superficial changes made via the liberal democratic system), control what is reported by the media, taught within academia and discussed by the general population. This is comprised of (post-1945) child-like narratives which deliberately ‘invert’ reality and present an anti-intellectual view of reality. Furthermore, adherence to this pseudo-intellectualism is primed so that it is ‘linked’ to loyalty of the State and the dominant body politique! Questioning the obvious stupidity that is being continuously dished-out becomes tantamount to betraying one’s country and opening the individual concerned to ostracization and possible legal ramifications. And yet it is exactly this ‘questioning’ which defines the Greek tradition of ‘freedom of thought’ – a tradition which is believed to underlie the very foundations of Western civilisation! Here lies the central contradiction as the defining element of Greek-orientated society is being stymied at source, so the human mind in the European world is being prevented from functioning properly and as it should! 

The Great Ho Chi Minh Defeated the Japanese, French and the US!

When Westerners are taught to hate the USSR, Cuba, Vietnam, China, North Korea or Russia, etc, what they are really being taught is a highly destructive form of ‘self-hatred’! Just as the minds and bodies of non-White people come under very real attack because of this fabricated attitude, the minds and bodies of the ‘White’ perpetuators are also damaged (to various degrees of dysfunction) whilst experiencing a negative (inner) ‘feed-back’ and ‘dissonance’ so that Hitler appears to be a coherent observer of human affairs, lizards (and shapeshifters) rule the planet and UFOs keep landing in the backyards of illiterate hillbillies who do not possess cameras! This is not only the root of Hitlerism but is responsible for the current rise of the US-backed Neo-Nazi Movement across the West (hidden) – and across Eastern Europe (in the open)! Although there is a definite humour to this madness, nevertheless, just as White people possess all the socio-economic power in the West – they make this control count by continuously inflicting damage upon the minds and bodies of ‘non-White’ people! 

Nelson Manddela – Member of the Communist Party of South Africa!

Lizards aside, (David Icke makes millions out of this ignorance whilst this very stupid man continues to do the bidding of the US by routinely comparing the USSR to Nazi Germany), what are decent White people and non-White people to do? We must collectively ‘detach’ our minds from the prevailing narratives so that although we can perfectly see and interact with this stupidity – we do not allow the associated poison to seep into our minds and bodies! My own view is that everyone should read Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Mao – as well as Ho Chi Minh (a great friend of Charlie Chaplin) and a host of great African (Revolutionary) leaders and thinkers! Learn from how Nelson Mandela handled White racism! Study Thomas Sankara and Malcom X as well as Patrice Lumumba! Mao Zedong successfully led the Chinese people in a defensive war in Korea (1950-1953). The list is endless, but I always found the example set by General Vo Nyugen Giap to be very helpful! However, this is only my way of solving this issue – and you must find your own way! If you disagree with my way – GOOD – as that is the essence of the entire point I am making! Be inwardly and outwardly ‘free’! Think for yourselves and be free – but understand the problem as it exists!  

Zhou Enlai (Left) and the Great Che Guevara (Right)