Everyone’s a Warrior – or Should Be… (21.11.2022) 

Until the return fire comes in! Then material reality comes a knocking. I have always said that the link between the socio-economic system of predatory capitalism – and mental illness – remains essentially untapped and more or less completely unexplored either medically or academically. This is because the powers that be, that is the democratically elected (liberal) governments (and the elites that sustain such entities) – do not want this association known. If it were properly understood that the routine exploitation of the minds and bodies of the individual components that comprise the masses leads to a dysfunction in a significant section of that population – then the intelligentsia might start writing articles calling for its abolition and replacement. This is a slippery slope that the US government (and its European lackeys) certainly does not want the world to know or even consider. Instead, a game of so-called ‘calculated’ risk is played-out which sees the majority of brainwashed individuals retaining all the psychological and emotional damage within themselves (as a seething mess of contradictions and self-hate) – whilst limiting their actions to merely following lawful impulses. Racially hating everything ‘Chinese’ for example, is perfectly fine providing that race ‘hate’ is manifested through the acceptable mechanisms that define polite society!

Email: Richard Rameriz and Mexican ‘Black’ and ‘White’ Magic! (21.4.2021)

This new witch-doctor knew the counter-spell and after delivering it correctly – he said Mike would be up in about an hour. Around an hour later – Mike sat up as usual and said he felt fine. He had no memory of the last month or so, and eventually also got away with the murder of his wife due to a feigned mental illness. After sitting in a mental hospital for four years or so – he was released to exert an even greater influence on Ricky! Richard Rameriz seemed to target a great many Asians which looks to me like a deliberate fetish – although other commentators seem to think it was all random. I think just before he died in 2013 – new DNA technology finally proved that one of his early victims (in 1984) was a 9-year-old Chinese girl called ‘Mei Leurng’ (although he may have carried this crime out with one other man). He kidnapped her, tortured her for days, and continuously raped her before finally killing her. At the time, the police did not associate this terrible crime with Rameriz! 

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