Neo-Nazi Ukraine – Brutal Trench Warfare on the Frontline of Donbass! (20.11.2022)

Trench Warfare – on the Frontline of Donbass!

This is all a brutal game! The Bourgeisie controls both countries of Russia and the Ukraine (where millions of workers live in abject poverty) – and is having a ‘war’ between two different elements of itself which offers ‘jobs’ of being a ‘soldier’ to these huddled masses! All they have to do is turn-up for training – and if the ‘begging’ adverts are anything to go by on Telegram – ‘pay’ for their own uniforms and weaponry before being thrown in the meat-grinder (against one another) for the entertainment of the Bourgeoisie!

The above video shows dead Ukrainian soldiers recently killed by attacking Russian troops! Both sides pump-out rabid ‘Nationalist’ rhetoric demonising and racialising the other – when both sides are of the same (and identical) ‘Slavic’ genetic identity! Furthermore, just 31-years ago – both these ‘sides’ were regions of the USSR practicing the ‘Internationalism’ advocared by the dominant Marxist-Leninist ideology – with these men comprising the Soviet Red Army, the existence of which brought hope to oppressed millions!

This is what the Bourgeisie always does – it generates the conditions for ‘war’ so that the working-class is ‘forced’ to ‘join-up’ and defend the very status quo that keeps it oppressed! Workers killing each other is preferable to workers ‘uniting’ into ‘Internationalist’ Socialist organisations and confronting the Bourgeoisie! If you do not like what you see – STOP voting Tory and STOP supporting Trotskyite Movements on the fake Left! After all, the the ‘Comments’ section of the above Russian-language post – there is talk that these Ukrainian men were POWs ‘executed’ by Russian troops in retaliation for the Ukrainian murder of Russian POWs that occurred in Kherson recently!