Email: Why I Can’t Hear Wagner! (20.11.2022) 

Putin’s Russia Allows Its Militias to be Named After Prominent ‘German’ Antisemites and Racists – the Views of Which Inspired Adolf Hitler!

Dear Gillian 

When I first started covering the Russian incursion into East Ukraine (from February 24th, 2022) – I interpreted this ‘providing of news data’ very much in the light of my previous eight-year activity of continuously exposing the Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ regime (financed, armed and brought to power by America’s first ‘Black’ President)! I even went on Marches in the UK and once boycotted the Ukrainian Embassy in London (following the ‘Maidan’ banning of the Communist Party of Ukraine! As the US, UK and EU governments were advocating a more or less total news ‘Blackout’ – the stats for my blog soured – not because people suddenly started agreeing with me – but rather because they had no other access-point to unbiased news! 

When on Marches in the UK streets – I carry the Red Flag – but since 2014, I found myself continuously accosted by male Ukrainians (then as now living very comfortably in the UK due to the ‘Golden Visa’ System) who attempted to ‘force’ me to take the flag down as it was ‘illegal’ in their home country! Therefore, my opposition to Neo-Nazi Ukraine has been continuous, vocal and very public! I carried on protesting (together with my family) when others fell ‘silent’ in early 2022 – confronted with the apparent (and ‘real’) ‘threats’ from the UK Tory Authorities! Many others paid lip-service to an anti-fascist resistance – whilst in reality fully collaborating with the fascists themselves! We psychologically and physically paid the price for our political views – whilst many others gave-up ar the first hurdle – as if ‘freedom’ has no consequences and no one pays for it! 

As it turns-out, we are not supporting Russia per se – as that would be tantamount to lending credence to the Russian Counter-Revolution of 1991 (not to mention Khrushchev’s betrayal of Stalin during 1956), but more to the point, when all is said and done, and giving full credit to Russia’s genuine ‘Resistance’ to the Western-backed Neo-Nazism in Ukraine (and throughout the former ‘Communist Bloc’) – the Russian population itself is NOT ‘Socialist’ – and has not been for the last 31-years! The US deliberately swamped the place with unbridled (and ‘sudden’) far-right-wing religiosity between 1991-1999 (adopting this ideology as a psychological and physical antidote e to the perceived damage done by the ‘Internationalism’ and ‘Secular’ Humanism inflicted by ‘Marxist-Leninism’ since 1917) – with only the rise of Putin putting an end to it! (To a certain – but not complete extent).  

Today, whilst thousands of ideologically inspired men and women flock to the Ukraine via the extensive network of Hitlerite (White Supremacist) networks throughout the US UK and EU, (all of which have been strengthened and legitimised by this general policy of support for Ukrainian Neo-Nazism by the Liberal Democracies) – the Russians have developed the so-called ‘Wagner’ Group – named after the well-known (German) antisemite – Richard Wagner (1813-1883) – who is still admired and revered throughout ‘White’ Europe today – for his contribution toward Classical music, despite his numerous essays advocating the racial superiority of the Germanic race, and the inferiority of ALL other ethnicities and cultural groups (particularly of the ‘Slavs’)! He possessed a particular hatred for ‘Jews’ – and was a primary favourite for Adolf Hitler! Indeed, Hitler’s thinking in many ways directly reflects those ideas as expressed by Richard Wagner! This being the case, why would the Russian government claim on the one-hand to be confronting ‘Neo-Nazism’ – whilst on the other-hand allow what amounts to a private militia to hold the name of a prominent ‘hero’ of the Neo-Nazi Movement? 

From what I have seen whilst mixing with the Russian people via Telegram, many of them hold EXACTLY the same racist, homophobic and misogynist viewpoints as their Ukrainian counterparts – but just happen to be on the other side! There is no ‘Internationalism’ and the average Russian generally hates non-Russians. This is the damage done by just 31-years of capitalist indoctrination. The Wagner Group is named after a Neo-Nazi figure-head – whilst the badge of the Wagner Group usually depicts a ‘skull’ – similar to those used by the Hitlerite SS Units (particularly the ‘Deaths-Head’ Units)! Recently, the Wagner Group murdered a prisoner using a sledgehammer to the head (all filmed and uploaded) and Putin had the head of RT (a woman) go on air and ‘justify’ the murder! We certainly are down the rabbit hole on this one! Supporting the Russian fight against Ukrainian Neo-Nazism does not (and should not) equate to an automatic support for Russian Neo-Nazi (and Neo-Fascist) attitudes! I suspect the Trotskyites are loving this as it is all unfolding to Trotsky’s dream – a point little expressed by the Left (if we can still call it that)!