A Lib-Dems Government is Lurking in the Wings! (5.11.2022) 

F’ck Capitalism & F’ck the Bourgeoisie! Up the Workers and Long Live China, North Korea, Cuba, Laos and Vietnam!

The Lib-Dems assisted the Tories in the murder of over 120,000 people suffering with disabilities in the UK – as confirmed by a 2016 UN investigation – a genocide implemented by the Tories and Lib-Dems between 2010-2015! This systematic destruction of the UK population of People with Disabilities was declared a ‘Crime Against Humanity’ by the UN making the UK the only European country – other than Nazi Germany (1933-1945) – to be so accused and found guilty! The UN has been continuously monitoring the situation since 2016 and has confirmed that each consecutive Tory Administration (regardless of leader) has pursued exactly the same destructive policy course and has not attempted to make amends in any way! As a consequence, the number of dead disabled and vulnerable people has continued to rise – caused through the sudden abolition and withdrawing of Welfare provision, Social Services and NHS medical care. The Lib-Dems has blood on it collective hands – and it is a blood stain that cannot be simply erased through ‘new’ Elections!  

The Lib-Dems are a very dangerous political party in the UK that pursues centre-right policies, but which in reality is a cesspit of rightwing and far-right angst that has a problem with the Tories – or have been expelled from Labour! The Lib-Dems represent the ‘soft’ underbelly of Tory sleaze – but this is a convenient and deceptive camouflage designed to pick-up the disaffected voters who have deserted their traditional Labour and Tory stalking grounds. Behind this facade is a far-right central core of staunch fascistic lunatics just waiting to gain political power once again to finish the task they started in 2010! Of course, eradicating the disabled and the vulnerable from society (and saving the taxpayer the cost of looking after them) is a solid Hitlerite policy explained in Mein Kampf and which is currently being applied across Neo-Nazi Ukraine!  

Jeremy Corbyn’s grasp for power was expertly destroyed by the Zionists, the Trotskyites and the Bourgeois Establishment! Indeed, Staunch Labour supporters assisted in the task of keeping Jeremy Corbyn out of Number 10 – despite his obvious Trotskyite bent, and his use of casual anti-Chinese racism! These attributes were not enough to quell this assault from the fake left which wants to see the capitalist system maintained at any cost – with the odd bone of concession thrown to what is left of the Trade Unionists! The Trade Unions, of course, are riddled with Eurocentric racism and Trotskyism – a reality mirroring the Labour rejection of the Communist Movement in 1921! The Truth Is that the Labour Party and Tories are ‘unfit’ for Office – and I believe that this will lead to a situation where a mediocre Lib-Dems will win the next General Election more or less by default!  

The British Electorate is more or less ‘racist’ and the selection of a British Indian as Tory ‘Prime Minister’ has sent an energising jolt through the centre, right and far-right ground of British politics! The internet is abuzz with a general trend amongst White Britain’s who feel affronted and betrayed by a Tory Party that can usually be trusted with applying the British sense of White dominance, privilege and superiority – but which has BETRAYED this sense of racial belonging! The talk on the mainstream and extreme political forums is that the Tories must be punished, and the British (White) status quo must be a) firmly re-established and b) defended – just as Neo-Nazi Ukraine (supported by the US, UK and EU) is staunchly supporting White (Anglo-Saxon) dominance against barbaric Slavic incursions on the borders of civilisation! Token and boutique multiculturalism can be tolerated – just as long as the Black, Brown and Yellow are kept away from any genuine or true positions of political power! When the Lib-Dems WIN the next election – the UK will then be re-joining the EU – proving that no single country can truly escape the post-1945 US hegemony if its population is prevented from electing a generally left-wing (Marxist-Leninist) government!