Emails: Beware Alternative Media Outlets Bearing Gifts! (6.11.2022)

Dear Gillian

What I find interesting about all these alternative media outlets (other than the fact that virtually ‘no one’ has heard of them despite the internet) is that they treat themselves (i.e. ‘their selling point’) as if they are doing something ‘special’ by reporting or conveying the ‘facts’ – when this ‘other side of the story’ motif is supposed to be what a proper and balanced approach to mainstream (bourgeois) journalism is meant to be all about!

The Grayzone, for instance, continuously reassures its readers that since 2018, it has had NOTHING to do with Furthermore, it takes care to inform the same readers when its sources are of a ‘Leftist’ bent whenever it can, and whilst reporting (correctly) upon the Ukraine, approaches the facts being relayed with a slight skepticism!

Of course, nowhere does its reporting advise its readers to access Russian language news articles (even through a universal translator) and that there in this rich seam – all the content published by The Grayzone will be found – together with far more. If the US, UK and EU were not supporting Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine – what would The Grayzone be reporting? What would be its slant on the Western status quo?

Just a few thoughts out loud as it where!

Dear Adrian

Good Journalism!

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