Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Truss and the SBS! (31.10.2022)

The Fascist Underbelly of the Tories ‘Sacked’ Truss for Backing this Operation!

I am hearing that Liz Truss ordered the deploying of the ‘Special Boat Service’ (SBS) to attack the Nord Stream Pipielines (1 & 2) linking Russia to Europe (a ‘terrorist’ attack according to Russia – carried-out on September 26th-27th, 2022) – the actual and ‘primary’ reason she was expelled from the Office of Prime Minister! Of course, this was thinly camoflagued with flannel about tax-cuts and unworkable reforms and the like. The reality is that Truss endangered the food supply of Europe!

The Russians already know all the details (it was that poorly planned and carried-out) including what technology was used (Mini Submarines) and the fact the US assisted in the Operation by ‘selling’ the UK two of their latest underwater robotic arm (which can work at depths of up to 150 meters)! The Russians also know that two Royal Navy Personnel were recently awarded ‘Military Merit’ Medals – for their service vaguely described as ‘taking place in the ‘Bornholm’ area’ of the Baltic Sea!

Apparently, the British Royal Navy has been training the 73rd Special Maritime Operations Centre of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – to participate in aggressive military actions against Russian targets and assests in the region. In retaliation – the Russians have halted all grain exports to the EU. I suspect that as soon as the 1922 Committee was ‘briefed’ about the possible consrquences of this attack – Liz Truss was sacked! Mass starvation might just be the impetus that could lead to widespread discontent throughout Europe and the mobilisation of the Working-Class toward the Socialist Cause!