Chengdu: Declaration Affirms One-China Principle! (29.8.2022)

Outside Forces Will Not Drive a Wedge Between the Unity of the Chinese People!

The worldwide opinion of Chinese people is that China will be peacefully reunited – and that no nefarious outside force will prevent this process from unfolding smoothly and achieving all of its beneficial ends! The Chinese Socialist Revolution of 1949 was hundreds of years in the making and was a response to the actions of imperialists and fascists who were conspiring to tear China apart – just as their invading armies tore to pieces the bodies of individual Chinese men, women and children! The Chinese people did not want division then – and they do not want division now! The United States is a product of the European invasion of the Americas and the continued genocide of the indigenous people! The Native Americans are forced to live on small tracts of the worst kind land – and to prevent a Socialist consciousness from developing amongst them – the US Authorities place Christian Churches next to liquor stores whilst pumping illicit drugs into their communities to keep them dosed-up! On top of this nightmare, the US Authorities then place ‘Casinos’ (the dark epicentre of predatory capitalism) right in the heart of ‘Reservations’ – so that the only place Native Americans can find employment is within these dens of iniquity! It is no wonder that the worldwide Chinese opinion is one of choosing ‘freedom’ and ‘self-determination’ over that of foreign dictatorship and division! If you would like to read more about Chinese unity in the face of Western aggression – then please click the link HERE: