Longevity: 107-year-old Covid Patient Discharged from Hospital in Hainan! (25.8.2022)


Longevity Has Been a Symbol of Chinese Culture for Centuries!

Daoism is an indigenous Chinese philosophical system that encompasses many different (and diverse) aspects of Chinese spiritual and religious thinking and practice! An important part of this body of Chinese cultural identity is ancient and premised upon the idea of ‘longevity’ – (or ‘living for a long-time’) – which is central to all Chinese systems of exercise, diet and medicine, etc. Due to various racist approaches adopted by the West – many very old people living in China are viewed as being a figment of the Chinese imagination – whilst obviously ‘fake’ elderly people emerging from ‘White’ countries are accepted to a fanfare of support despite no evidence whatsoever! Well, in Hainan there currently exists an old woman who is now aged 107 years old and who was born in 1915! If you would like to know more about this story – please click HERE: