Email: Trotsky and Furr! (27.5.2022)

A Captured Soviet Red Army Soldiers Stands-Up to the Nazi German Invaders!

Dear Gillian

The point is that we have to ‘prove’ what we are saying in the face of the ‘weight’ of the preferred narrative broadcast by the mainstream media and academia. Simply saying there are grounds for a disagreement does not carry much counter-weight. Grover Furr, for instance, proved that the Harvard Trotsky Archive has been ‘altered’ so that data confirming Trotsky’s corrupt behaviour has been removed – probably by the US government – so that the ‘Guilty’ Verdicts’ ascribed to Trotsky by the Soviet Courts in the 1920s and 1930s cannot be tested against existing evidence and verified to be ‘true’! This is where George Orwell and his anti-Soviet activities come in and earn their keep!

Strangely, when Harvard ‘altered’ the Trotsky Archive – a ‘record’ was kept of when this act occurred and ‘what’ was taken-out – but not ‘who’ ordered this action! This record was never meant to be seen by the general public or ad hoc academics – but Grover Furr possessed the right contacts! Basically, everything the Soviet Courts accused Trotsky of was ‘correct’ – but Orwell (and others) accused the USSR of carrying-out ‘show trials’! This has proven to be a very powerful anti-Soviet propaganda image and concept. Essentially referring to a stage managed ‘pretend’ Court that mimicked the legal process but were merely scripted vehicles for Stalin’s will! Now, this was going on prior to WWII, but America never had the power in those days that it would possess post-1945! We are talking a time span of 1929-1940 – following Trotsky’s expulsion from the USSR and his liquidation in 1940!

In 1938, Trotsky called a ‘Fourth International’ and ordered his followers to a) unite with the Catholic Church, and b) to co-operate with any and all International Fascist Attacks upon the USSR! Trotsky further called upon all Soviet citizens to carry-out terrorist activities against Soviet property and the Soviet government! Indeed, Grover Furr’s work has academically exposed and revealed all of Trotsky’s anti-Soviet and pro-capitalist activities. Furthermore, Trotsky did co-operate extensively with the Catholic Church and American Zionists (both lavishly financing Trotsky and vying to bring-down the USSR), as well as Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan! Part of Trotsky’s antics involved various and continuous ‘plots’ that infiltrated into the Soviet Red Army at various levels throughout the 1930s! Trotsky had a certain following in the USSR and was able to call upon this cadre as and when he needed them. Trotsky wanted the Marxist-Leninist State dismantled and the USSR transitioned into a modern, bourgeois, capitalist country similar to those in Western Europe! The workers would be allocated centre-left Unions and be guaranteed (at least at first) certain ‘basic’ rights whilst the bourgeoisie would be given power over the proletariat!

Trotsky believed it was not yet time to develop a Marxist-Leninist State and so the best people could hope for was a bourgeois, capitalist State! Obviously, the capitalists much preferred Trotsky’s views as they disempowered the workers and took power away from them. This is why the NKVD (not Stalin) initiated trials during the 1930s against various Red Army Officers who were planning to misuse their authority and either immediately surrender to any invading power – or to defect to the enemy! These Officers were a liability to the functioning of the Red Army and represented fatal weak links in the ‘Socialist’ authority structures that defined the Workers’ Army! A relatively small amount were discovered, tried and imprisoned or executed. The bourgeois ‘lie’ that then followed (fuelled by ‘Orwell’ and others), was that this purge of traitors was a) ordered personally by Stalin, and b) aimed at Red Army Officers who hated Stalin and wanted him removed! Stalin was the least of their worries as he possessed very little personal power (being ‘elected’ into Office), but this false story has ‘stuck’ in Western discourse and is found almost universally in explanations of ‘why’ the Nazi Germans were able to make such in-roads into the USSR in the first six-months of their 1941 attack! The fake story is that Stalin’s purges so weakened the Red Army that it was unable to perform its allotted duties when push came to shove! This is disingenuous to the power of the racist ideology Hitler propagated and the ‘new’ tactics and very good technology that Nazi Germany developed – and the fact that when all this was integrated within the German people it defeated the combined military might of Western Europe in a matter of days – with Stalin having had no direct influence over the Officer Corp of those defeated countries!

The Soviet Red Army took everything the genocidal Hitlerites had to offer – and instead of being defeated (like the Western Europeans) – slowly but surely ground-down the Hitlerites and their allies and turned the tide against fascism! Until that point in time (at the gates of Moscow and later Stalingrad) it very much looked as if Hitler’s ranting in Mein Kampf was correct! For a time, Hitler appeared to embody ‘force’ plus ‘theory’ – until the Red Flag was raised on the Reichstag! Just as the Soviets had to materially defeat Hitler (and Trotsky) – we must materially defeat US lies and anti-intellectualism!

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