Buddhapadipa: Traversing the Temple! (10.4.2022)

Arriving at the Temple Gate…

This is a sacred space existing in the material world. The arrangement of its outer structure and the attitude its physical molecules is imbued with, sets the stage for our inner beings, that is the outer world as it is reflected within our minds and bodies, to be adjusted, purified and cleansed of all the damaging impurities of the world! The attitude of the Buddha exists within the sacred space of this temple in a country which otherwise advocates a brutal and uncaring socio-economic ideology and society! The Buddha would never have accepted this system as being ‘valid’ or applicable for attaining and living with a healthy mind and body!

Entering the Gates!
The Magnificent Temple Structure Paid For by the King of Thailand!
The Wooded Area…
The Wooden Bridge to Dharma…
Homage to Comrade Bala!
Cleansing the Mind and Body…

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