Ukrainian Government Advisor ‘Poses’ In-Front of Nazi War Criminal ‘Bandera’ Portrait!

This all matters because ‘Zoryan Shkiryak’ (Зорян Шкиряк) is the political ‘Advisor’ to Interior Minister Arsen Avakov (Арсена Авакова) – a ‘Maidan’ politician who is tasked with making important and life-changing decisions everyday for the population of West Ukraine (directly under his control), that ultimately (and ‘negatively’) effect the people of East Ukraine (who do not want to be subject to his Neo-Nazi dictates)! Indeed, Zoryan Shkiryak has written ‘Bandera – my hero!’ (Бандера — мой герой)!

Explaining the Origin of ‘Z’ and ‘V’ as Russian Army Call Signs! (7.3.2022)

However, as the Russian Army must achieve ‘Victory’ (Probeda-победа) toward the ‘West’ – ‘Z’ has become equated with the objective of ‘Victory’! As the People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk are situated in East – ‘Vostok’ (восток) – Ukraine, and given that they have been the victims of Neo-Nazi (Maidan) aggression from West Ukraine for eight-years (a process that has killed between 13000-14000 men, women and children), the ‘Truth’ (Pravda-правда) of the matter lies in that direction. Therefore, the Call-Sign ‘V’ -signifying the ‘East’ – has also become associated with ‘Truth’ and the entire justification for Russia’s military action! In other words, ‘Z’ signifies what the Russian Army must do (win), and ‘V’ denotes ‘why’ they need to do it!

Serbian People Take to the Streets in Support of Russia! (6.3.2022)

A new Neo-Nazi, pro-capitalist and pro-Europe dictatorship was created by a ‘Black’ man sat in a ‘Whitehouse’ – a man (Obama) whose people have been the victims of the very far-right ideology the Maidan thugs have upheld for eight-years now, and which has murdered between 13000-14000 people living in the Donbass area of East Ukraine – simply because these people choose to venerate their Soviet past and who prefer to be associated with Russia than the racism of West Europe!

Ukraine: We Must Be Honest About Our Own History – By Sergey Glebov (Сергей Глебов) [25.2.2016] 

Seven million of its citizens fought in the Red Army and in partisan detachments to restore independence and glory to their Ukraine. More than two thousand people became Heroes of the Soviet Union, Heroes twice and thrice. And their names still bear the streets and squares of Ukrainian cities and villages. And then these and other heroes recreated Ukraine from the ashes of the war. And it became, both in area, in industrial and scientific potentials, in terms of the level of education of the population, somewhere on a par, and somewhere it surpassed the first capitalist countries of Europe. And not every country in the world has an aviation and rocket and space industry! And Ukraine had. But it was then the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist (Ukrainian SSR) within the Soviet Union. Should this HISTORY be destroyed in order to become “part of Europe”?  

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