Email: US and UK Behind Neo-Nazi Violence in Ukraine! (20.2.2022)

Author’s Note: When the Communist Bloc and the USSR collapsed into a capitalist nightmare in 1991, the plans of Adolf Hitler were finally fulfilled! The destruction of he USSR came from within manufactured by Western-backed Trotskyism – and externally through the pressure of NATO aggression and US (anti-intellectual) propaganda and disinformation (a process that has caused subsequent generations of ‘morons’ in the US unable of ‘objective’ thought). When Russia betrayed its own Revolution – it would not allow a Rothschild-controlled central bank in Moscow. Its post-Soviet leadership drew the line at the US controlling the Russian economy. Virtually every country that is a member of the capitalist system has allowed a central bank in its territory controlled by the Rothschild family. This family administers the capitalist system in the name of the United States. Only ‘Socialist’ countries such as Cuba, China and North Korea remain ‘outside’ this system of control – with modern ‘capitalist’ Russia being the odd one out. The US perceives its mission in the world as maintaining and expanding the capitalist system at all costs and it is prepared to cultivate neo-Nazi movements throughout Eastern Europe to do so. Why? This is because fascism is essentially supportive of predatory capitalism. This background data explains what is happening in the Ukraine. If Russia suddenly implemented a Rothschild central bank (and US control of the Russian economy) – then all this negative reporting and aggression would melt away – as it would be no longer required and is bad for ongoing business! ACW (20.2.2022)

Dear Gillian

Good research! I have been watching fragmented – first person – combat footage of the fighting uploaded to various Telegram pages representing Donbass! The troops of the People’s Republics are doing well but losing men and women everyday! Their sacrifice for Russia will eventually go down in history – like a ‘new’ Red Army fighting the forces of fascism at the borders of Mother Russia! The US, UK and EU are creating the fake media image that a) nothing is happening in Donbass, and b) when it does happen – it will be because of Russian aggression! The reality is that NATO-back (neo-Nazi) Maidan troops are already attacking the borders of the People’s Republics of Lugansk and Donetsk!  The US thinks it can militarily take these areas and then the Ukraine will ‘allow’ NATO troops right up to the borders of Russian soil! The news propaganda in the West is preparing the populace for a predicted Russian military counter-attack but in typical ‘inverted’ bourgeois fashion – is placing the cart before the horse – and deliberately not reporting the violence its neo-Nazi representatives are already unleashing using American and British military hardware and tactics! It is the West and its neo-Nazi supporters that are the aggressors in Ukraine and not the ‘Independent’ People’s Republics of East Ukraine! The point is that anyone can access the Donetsk and Lugansk pages on Telegram and watch all the latest footage and news reports – but most Americans and Europeans will just keep listening to the lies put-out by the BBC, CNN and the Western European news agencies, all of which are told by their respective governments to follow the anti-Russia ‘script’ and prepare the populace for all-out war with Russia! The US believes it can forcibly install a Rothschild-controlled central bank in Moscow and is prepared to gamble all of our lives in the process! I suspect Russia is being far more clever and will not launch a conventional attack – instead effectively working behind the scenes. In other words, like China, simply ‘refusing’ to do anything the Western media continuously bleats-on it is doing or about to do (whilst never admitting any ‘wrong’ reporting or ‘mistaken’ assumptions, etc).

Best Wishes


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