Post-Covid-19 – Hampton Court Palace (17.2.2022)

Hampton Court Palace has not been occupied by any member of the British royal family since the early 1700s – and yet the British government still keeps this property available for the royal family should they express a desire to re-inhabit the estate. As it stands, the British public own all royal palaces and pay for their upkeep through taxation. As for Hampton Court, the government has leased it out to a private company which currently keeps the place clean, tidy and in good order so that they can make a profit by charging the general public (which already owns the property) to pay yet again to access it! And around the world of predatory capitalism goes! Whatever the case, the private business that administers Hampton Court sells a lie. It pretends that its employees are in someway directly employed by the Queen or the royal household (hence their pretentious livery) – when in fact they are ordinary employees of a public limited company! That aside, Hampton Court itself is a vast historical complex which is beneficial for children and adults to visit to expand their minds – providing it is understood that the very concept of ‘royalty’ is parasitic and out of date! We own these buildings and this is our fourth visit. On this occasion, we discovered that entirely different parts of the complex had been opened to the public – areas we had never seen before! Our travelogues serve the people and are freely available for all those who cannot, for whatever reason, travel to these places and look around themselves!

Like a Record-Cover…
Like Flowing Water…
Mimicking What Royalty Used To Do!

These Fine Examples of Porcelain can be Returned to China..

Dr Who Face-Mask
A Theatrical Performance!
Exquisite Wood-Work!

A ‘Round-Table’ with ‘Thomas Cromwell’ Mentioned!

The Gardens
The ‘Tudor Rose’ – An Emblem Repeated everywhere!

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