North Clapham Adventure: Two New Kittens Have Arrived!

North Clapham – Block of Flats – Waiting for the Owner

Our loyal cat – ‘Lexi’ – is thirteen-years-old now, and following a recent health-scare we decided to to acquire (if possible) a kitten or two so that she could pass-on all her wisdom to a new generation of cats, as she has not had any off-spring of her own. This all began about a week ago when I had a dream at night of two black and white-coloured kittens running-up my body and on to my shoulders!

Gate-way to the Block of Flats – North Clapham

Obviously, like most people in these difficult times, we do not have a lot of money to spare, but as usual my mother – Diane Wyles – was able to assist us in this matter, Gee accessed the ‘Free Ads’ section for ‘London’ and discovered two very beautiful kittens looking for a good home (both born on June 1st, 2021)!

Window Onto the World!

As Chinese Buddhists, we adhere to a strict vegetarian diet and we teach our children NEVER to hurt or harm animals in anyway. Therefore, I explained to our two daughters – ‘Mei-An’ (9) and ‘Kai-Lin’ (nearly 5) that now is their chance to show their compassion, loving kindness and wisdom in helping us look-after two new pets!

View of Myself and the Other Flats (North Clapham)!

We decided to drive to the address in North Clapham because Gee was (quite rightly) concerned that the young kittens of just twelve weeks) might find the Tube noisy and stressful – considering they have not been outside yet. After a year and a half of being in ‘lockdown’ in our own South London flat in Sutton – it was a thoroughly refreshing and and rejuvenating experience to travel through Morden, Colliers Wood, South Wimbledon, Balham, Tooting and Clapham! On the day, the car-journey took around 60 minutes to complete on the outward section – and probably a little quicker on the return leg!

Mei-An (Left) and Kai-Lin (Right)!

As the lady who owned the kittens had gone to the shops – we had to wait for about fifteen minutes for her (and a relative) to return. This gave us valuable time to look around and take-in the sights and sounds of this unfamiliar place. As the area is just of the High Street – the place clean, tidy and very peaceful, with the people seeming decent enough. The owner concerned said that her female cat became unexpectedly ‘pregnant’ and she could not house the ‘eight’ kittens in one small flat! By the time we arrived – six had already been re-housed and we secured the last two – a boy and a girl – which are ‘perfect’ for our needs! Within the Chinese language I am referring to the girl as ‘Yin’ and the boy as ‘Yang’ – but I am sure the children will decide their own designations!

The Previous Owner Holds-Up One Kitten!
Gee Has Secured the Cats!
The Journey Home Begins!
The Two Cats Settled into Their New Home!

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