Rejecting the Bourgeois Publishing Industry


As an academic specialising in the subjects of Chinese history, culture and philosophy, and also the study of actual Soviet history, I decided some years ago to have nothing to do with the bourgeois publishing industry. This is despite having numerous academic and journalistic article published in newspapers, journals, magazines and books (both online and as paper articles). My experience has been that the bourgeois publishing industry works in collusion with capitalist governments, and perpetuates ‘official’ versions of history that have little or no association with established fact. These publishers are always seeking new ways of exploiting writers and their work – attempting to make money whilst they propagating ‘fake history’ and ‘fake news’ as if it was ‘real’. The lies about Communism, China and the Soviet Union are so huge that the truth of the matter is eclipsed by this industry that ruthlessly controls the publication of books to both the general public and the academic community. Individuals are left to research subjects for themselves, which invariably requires ever more ingenious methods for establishing the truth that by-passes the ‘fiction’ that circulates as ‘fact’. The rise of the internet has made it easier for progressive and free thinkers to seek-out and share alternative sources of reliable academic information, and distribute research that counters many of the official but false narratives that the media, academic community and government choose to ignore. This is not alternative history but rather ‘real’ history, with the official narratives constituting the ‘fake’ paradigm. The USSR used to have an internal publishing facility that allowed any Soviet citizen to write and publish a book that could be read by any other Soviet Citizen in the USSR. The publishing and distribution were entirely free, and encouraged to develop ‘free thinking’. Alexander Werth (the BBC correspondent) mentions this means of Socialist communication a number of times in his books. Do not bow-down to the bourgeois dictatorship of knowledge – strike out on your own and establish the real facts of the matter!

Joseph Stalin as Proletarian Fact


If an individual walks into an average book-shop in the UK, around 80%-90% of all books available pertaining to cover Soviet history, will not be worth the paper they are printed upon. This is because these books carry the preferred ‘capitalist’ interpretation of Soviet history, which whilst packaging its content as ‘history’, is in fact a tissue of lies. This is not a matter of opinion whereby this observation needs to be debated, but rather is a matter of provable fact. The preferred capitalist narrative is nothing but an ‘ahistorical’ exercise in Trotskyite ‘disinformation’, one that is easily dispelled through even a cursory attempt to establish the observable facts. A particular vitriol is reserved for the biographies of Joseph Stalin – which are by and large fictionalised diatribes containing no academic merit. The problem is that young or impressionable people who are genuinely seeking-out knowledge about the USSR and Joseph Stalin run into this wall of institutional lies and deceit. It is better to carry-out more indepth research before subjecting the human-mind to this kind of bourgeois brain-washing. Seek-out books and articles that expose people like Trotsky, Khrushchev and Orwell, and learn to discern the difference between a proletarian fact and a bourgeois lie. Learn to understand the Cold War mentality in the West, and its facade will come tumbling down. Dialectical truth can be found in the strangest of places (take Andrew Alexander’s ‘America and the Imperialism of Ignorance: US Foreign Policy Since 1945’, for instance), and when assessing the place of Joseph Stalin in world history it is logical to begin with his Collected Works (available ‘free’ online). This research must also coincide with a study of the collective psychology of the USA, which exposes its immature and violent nature. Remember that Joseph Stalin was a great Socialist leader who represented the Working Class in a very strong and robust manner – this explains why the capitalist West hates him, and seeks to sully his good historical reputation with bizarre lies delivered through the agency of rightwing mythology. Communists use logic and reason to progress society and to develop their characters – this is what Joseph Stalin did – and this is how a progressive student of history should behave. The lies about the USSR and Joseph Stalin must not be confronted with bourgeois sentimentalism, but rather countered with the strict use of proletarian fact. This is the manner in which Joseph Stalin handled an ever increasingly hostile USA and belligerent West under its control and influence. It is also the basis of the manner in which Joseph Stalin led the USSR in its decisive war against Nazi Germany. Do not be afraid of stating proletariat fact, after-all it is part of the process of establishing the truth. Of course, the capitalists and the Trotskyites will ‘knee-jerk’ respond with simply re-stating their lies – as if the exercise of the agency of ‘repetition’ somehow adds ‘truth’ and ‘gravitas’ to their fallacious arguments. In reality a Trotskyite lie only has to be exposed once, even if those brain-washed by Trotskyite ideology feel the need to ‘repeat’ that lie. Remember that capitalism and Trotskyism are actually ‘cult-mentalities’, within which people are psychologically and physically ‘trapped’. See this situation clearly for what it is, and relay this understanding to the Working Class. If dialectical truth can be firmly established, then the millions of words used by liars will come tumbling down – this is the nature of Scientific Socialism.

Email: Buddha, Nagarjuna, Plotinus and the World of Matter (6.9.2017)


Dear N

Thank you for your very interesting Plotinus quotation and Nagarjuna-related question.

The tetralemma of the Indian Buddhist monk Nagarjuna states:

1) All exists.

2) All does not exist.

3) All exists and does not exist.

4) All neither exists or does not exist.

This is how Nagarjuna (the 14th Ch’an Patriarch) summarises the entirety of the Buddha’s teaching. Therefore, we may state that:

a) The mind exists.

b) The mind does not exist.

c) The mind both exists and does not exist.

d) The mind neither exists nor does not exist.

This may be viewed as a developmental schematic of ever deepening understanding or awareness of the mind-body nexus and its essence. Exactly the same analysis can be applied to ‘matter’ but not to ‘spirit’ – as the Buddha rejected the notion of a spirit or mind that exists in opposition (or ‘outside’ of) the material world. In the Theravada School the mind-body nexus is ‘empty’ of ‘atma’ (or ‘soul’), but appears to contain a personal self (i.e. perceiving ‘mind’ function) that is a temporary coming together of elements which dissipate at death. In this school the physical world ‘exists’, but is ‘empty’ of any permanent state. In the Mahayana and Vajrayana Schools – the idea of ‘emptiness’ is exactly the same – but is extended so as to imply (or suggest) that the world of physical matter is ‘empty’ of any and all substantiality. However, as the Buddha also rejected any notions of ‘eternalism’ and ‘nihilism’ – these schools must be careful in their analysis. Therefore, we can say:

i) The world of matter exists.

ii) The world of matter does not exist.

iii) The world of matter both exists and does not exist.

iv) The world of matter neither exists nor does not exist.

Perhaps the 4th statement is the enlightened position, and although the world of matter may not exist as we think it does – it is also true from a Buddhist perspective – that the world of matter does not exist as we may presume it not to. This is not merely a matter of semantics – but a matter of actual inner and outer realisation attained through self-cultivation, experience and assessment. In the Four Noble Truths the Buddha clearly states that material existence is the basis of physical life and all subsequent philosophical development. This suggests that existence and the world of physical matter are inherently linked, integrated and entwined. In other words, the Buddha appears to be stating that a non-embodied existence is impossible, as the basis for life. In this regard, he is in agreement with the Greek philosopher Epicurus (with life being a special arrangement of atoms that congeal at conception, and fall apart at physical death). This view would correlate with the Buddha’s five aggregates – although the Buddha does seem to entertain a ‘limited’ notion of rebirth (not evident in the five aggregates themselves) which is negated at the point of the realisation of enlightenment.

As for Plotinus, it is important to consider that his original Greek thought has been translated into Western languages usually involving an underlying Judeo-Christian influence that attempts to separate his teaching into a ‘rejected’ material world and an ‘accepted’ spiritual world (that stands in opposition to the material world). One prime example of this modern Eurocentric bias is the continuous rendering of the Greek ‘psyche’ (i.e. ‘breath of life’) as the Judeo-Christian ‘soul’ which implies a completely different meaning. The Greek ‘pyscho’ refers to the spark of life in the functioning conscious mind that defines human existence – whilst the Judeo-Christian ‘soul’ is a completely different entity that links a monotheistic entity to each individual person. A ‘soul’ may be related to an individual’s mind and body – but remains continuously ‘distinct’ from both the mind and body, so that at the point of physical death, the ‘soul’ survives and moves into another dimension of existence (leaving the mind and body behind). The confusion arises from the fact that the early Christian ideologues took the Greek term ‘psyche’ and changed its definition and usage (rejecting the original Greek meaning). Later, when Christianity spread into pagan Germany, the non-Christian Germans believed in a pagan entity called a ‘soul’ which the Christian missionaries could not prevent. Their answer was to usurp this non-Christian term and use it in a Christian manner, therefore, a distorted interpretation of the Christianised Greek ‘psyche’ became commonly known as ‘soul’ within Christian theology. As I said above, the Christianised ‘soul’ concept has no bearing whatsoever upon the philosophy developed by non-Christian Greeks! I think this is important because the term ‘matter’ is often viewed within non-Christianised Greek philosophy – a priori from a Christian position. Obviously, this is incorrect and constitutes a ‘category error’. Plotinus does use various words referring to ‘divine’ or ‘god-like’ states of mind – but despite seeking a realisation of ‘Oneness’ – the schematic of Plotinus has nothing to do with monotheism. From correctly translating from the Greek, it would appear that Plotinus is advocating an ever rarefied perception of the essential nature of material existence – with lesser understanding in the material world serving to ‘corrupt’ matter. This may be taken to imply that the deep insight that Plotinus found (and according to him – all people possess) is ‘hidden’ by an obscuring layer of ‘not understanding’ material existence in its highest frequency. Perhaps today, this might correspond to human awareness (or ‘consciousness’) at its highest degree of development, being associated with light energy, and ignorance as being trapped in congealed light energy, (i.e. light energy slowed down), which constitutes material existence.

Best Wishes


PS: Curiously, as far as I am aware, the Pali term ‘atma’ also means ‘breath of life’ – like the Greek term ‘psyche’. For religionists, this ‘breath’ or ‘spark’ is divine, whilst for materialists, this term is natural in origin.

Economics and the Exploration of Other Realities


If individuals and social classes are materially, culturally and educationally impoverished, then their existence is dominated by the continuous requirement to fight for survival on a daily basis. This requirement is a facet of the economic system these beings exist within, and is viewed by those who possess the political power as being a perfectly normal and natural process – a destructive process that sees the majority of the people trapped in such a system, essentially existing to enrich and serve the minority that control society. Having to exist in such a manner that involves conflicting with one another (and with society) on a daily basis to acquire enough resources just to continue to survive, means that the human mind is prevented from developing beyond the grinding material conditions that define its physical existence. Desperation and brutality against others is the product of not having enough resources readily available, so that those suffering deprivation are controlled by those who possess social and political power to exist and behave in a manner that makes them easy to exploit. A man or woman will work 12 hours for £50 if such an exploitative situation represents the difference between starving to death and continuing to exist. Therefore we know that a privileged minority in modern Western, capitalist societies control the majority though the deliberate and cynical limitation and granting of resources.

This being the case, it is obvious that the majority of people existing within capitalist societies are generally in a psychological and physical state of disadvantage. This suggests that they are so heavily locked-in to the socio-economic situation of their existence, that their minds are unable to disengage from it, and see beyond it. This is a logical assessment of the psycho-physical reality of the workers. They are not trained to use their minds in a manner that allows them to be ‘free’ of the daily battle for survival. This is because they are never in a situation where they are ‘free’ from the daily grind, unlike their middle class counter-parts. The workers are trained from birth to possess a limited ability (through a deficient education system) that ensures that their attention is taken with basic greed and superficial observation. They are taught that they must not be united with their fellow workers, but treat them as competing enemies that they must fight. When workers are distracted by fighting one another (like rats trapped in a barrel) they do not develop the insight to understand that their real enemy is in fact that the middle class which maps out their exploitative future from birth, and that ensures the workers never escape the trap of poverty they are made to exist within.

The middle class, on the other hand, experience from birth a totally different and very positive socio-economic situation. Whilst being brought-up to think that they are superior in every way due to their possession of political and economic power and resources in society, their education provides them with every cognitive advantage. As they already possess ample resources (which they gain from exploiting the workers) they do not, as a rule, need to fight for their existence on a daily basis. This difference automatically ‘frees’ the middle class person to explore literature and philosophy, to travel and explore the world, and generally experience a far more diverse and rich experience of the psychological and physical world they inhabit. They are falsely taught that the working class are poor because they are psychologically and physically inferior – this serves to explain and justify their impoverished existence, and suggests that there is no point trying to help them, etc. Whilst implicitly and explicitly creating the conditions to exploit, oppress and impoverish the working class, the middle class is never taught that it is all their fault and within their power to change things. It is the middle class ideology of conservativism that holds all this together, and as many middle class people are quite happy and content with their artificial but otherwise positive existence, many do not see the need to either change themselves in any way, or work toward transforming society.

Capitalist society assumes a priori that nothing should change, but every so often, philosophers, poets and spiritual travellers do emerge. Generally speaking they are all usually of a middle class background simply because it is the exposure to the middle class education system that has provided them with the psychological attributes required to see beyond the limitations of their existential situation. Working class people, as their psychological conditioning is deliberately engineered to be self-limiting, generally do not possess the ability to see beyond their circumstance, and so have no reason or ability to do so. It is not that working class people are actually ‘inferior’, but that the exploitation applied against them ensures that most think and behave in a dysfunctional manner. This can be changed through self-education, but it is difficult for workers to break free from the sheer oppressive psychological and physical weight of the life they are forced to live. Workers should educate themselves and try to break free of the oppressive state they exist within, but middle class people possess a definite advantage as they are already conditioned to be ‘free’ in the world they inhabit. Occasionally, some middle class people break free of their cultural programming and open their minds to other realities. This is a product of their privileged socio-economic circumstances, but it does also demonstrate that there exists other ways of viewing the world that are not limited to the blinkering effects associated with capitalism. It is the system of economics that we inhabit that acts as an intermediary between individuals living within a society and the many levels of reality that science and philosophy state exist beyond our obsession with the outer layer of material reality. If the human mind can be freed (through the correct application of an appropriate education system) from the limitations of historical conditioning, then it is possible for individuals to develop a realisation that permanently perceives a multi-dimensional reality. However, it must be noted that inequality and poverty within a society prevents the human mind from functioning in an optimised evolutionary manner. This means that capitalism is not only a stupid system used to control humanity through greed, but it also keeps humanity in a state of arrested evolutionary development.

9/11 Conspiracy Theories as an Expression of Free-Thought


Bear with me for a moment whilst I weave an intricate web of deceit and delusion. When the evidence is examined regarding the destructive events surrounding the so-called ‘terror’ attacks on the World Trade Center buildings in New York on September the 11th, 2001, the glaring inconsistencies in the ‘official’ reports compiled by agencies of the US government (and its allies), are so obviously designed to manipulate a passive audience, that the details contained therein cannot be accepted as ‘true’ without a tremendous amount of qualification and clarification. The 9/11 reports, without a shadow of a doubt, were not designed to impartially and dispassionately report a tragic loss of life to a shocked populace, but from the very beginning were a propaganda exercise in Islamophobia initiated by a rightwing US Administration. The 9/11 reports became a vehicle for the dissemination of anti-Muslim racism in the US, Europe and white colonial countries such as New Zealand and Australia, etc. This type of racialised reporting prepared the ground for a rabid race-hate campaign against the peoples of both Iraq and Afghanistan – two countries that had no part in the 9/11 attacks in New York – which culminated in the US military (supported by the UK) illegally invading and occupying these countries. Those brave Iraqi and Afghani men, women and children who rightfully resisted this act of blatant US-led neo-imperialism, and have died in their hundreds of thousands, have been portrayed by the Western media as insane sub-human entities that are not worthy of compassion or concern. Of course, this is not a new strategy for Western imperialism, but is part of a well-practiced historical response in its dealings with the other ethnicities it seeks to dominate and exploit. Exactly the same dehumanisation technique can be seen within the discriminatory Western attitudes applied to Africans, Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Native American Indians, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Laotians, South Americans, Polynesians, Aborigines and Maoris, etc. During the Cold War, this simple technique of race-hating the enemy was even applied to the USSR.

A population that does not think for itself, waits to be told what to think and what to do by its government. This is the case in the US, and increasingly so across the EU. Ordinary people have either forgotten how to think for themselves, or have had the educational opportunities to do so withdrawn from their cultures by rightwing governments. The biggest threat to the Western rightwing is not Islamophobia, but rather the free thinking associated with an individual that has received a good and all-round education. Free-thinking is an inoculation against rightwing terror and its social manipulation. Why is it, for instance, that the US did not blanket-bomb Saudi Arabia and Egypt following the 9/11 attacks, when 17 of the alleged bombers are believed to have been Saudi citizens, and the other 2 from Egypt? Why is it that shortly after releasing this list of apparent suicide bombers, one or two of these individuals were reported as still being alive? Why was it that massive and well-built modern buildings collapsed shortly after the two jets hit them and the Solomon building also collapsed without being hit by a plane? Despite the apparent destructive force of two jet-planes hitting the WTC buildings, the US authorities stated that their investigators recovered the passports of some of the alleged hijackers in the debris of the collapsed buildings, along with the unlikely find of Qurans bound together with flight manuals! There are many more inconsistencies, sleights of hand, omission of facts, and obvious disinformation that collectively serves to fuel the numerous conspiracy theories that abound.

When compared to the controlling and manipulating manner in which the US authorities have handled the 9/11 crisis, the advent of 9/11 conspiracy theories can be legitimately interpreted as an exercise in free-thought and expression, regardless of the factual content or truth value of each conspiracy. The creation of these counter-constructs are in response to the official interpretation of events that has been judged as academically failing, on top of the obvious Islamophobia and general lying through disinformation presented as fact. What conspiracy theories represent is the application of human free-thought when confronted by an oppressive state and its deliberately controlling apparatus. A conspiracy theory, regardless of its truth content, is an important device that confronts the tyranny of state originated attempts to control the thought patterns and emotional responses of its citizens. The 9/11 official report issued by the US government, at its base, requires those who believe in it, to accept that white Eurocentric culture is superior to the cultures of brown-skinned people who happen to follow the religion of Islam. This message is delivered by the US government through the vehicle of institutional ‘victimhood’ – whereby the suffering of white America is considered superior than the suffering experienced by non-Americans (with the exception of Zionist Israel). To accept the official US report on 9/11 is to accept that racism is legitimate, and to conspire to apply that thinking in the physical world, and of course that is the entire point of this policy. It is designed to encourage US citizens to join the military and partake in a new crusade of murdering Muslims for an imagined affront to European dignity.

As a free-thinker I neither fully accept nor reject conspiracy theories. My view is that they serve as an important control mechanism in Western democracies that are not as ‘free’ as their own rhetoric suggests that they are. The conspiracy theory I would like to suggest is quite simple. I am of the opinion that the US government would have us believe that the 9/11 attacks just appeared out of nowhere and had no place in history. This reflects that Judeo-Christian myth of a god-construct that suddenly created all in existence out of nothing. The US then uses this counter logical and unreasonable position to portray its own suffering as ‘unique’ and ‘special’ (exactly the same as that attitude found within Zionism, or Jewish national racism). In so doing, it automatically absolves itself of any guilt for 9/11 premised upon its own historical behaviour. This illogicality is the basis of the US official 9/11 report and the reason why so many people refuse to accept that report – regardless of the facts contained within it. Conspiracy theories sometimes take the wrong direction, or advocate incorrect facts, but taken as a general response to US lies and tyranny, their existence represents an important beacon for human free-thought. It was the US racist attitude and highly oppressive historical behaviour that led to 9/11 happening. In this assessment I do not personally reject the idea that 9/11 was an inside job, simply because it is my right to think freely, but the fundamental ‘conspiracy theory’ comes not from ordinary citizens, but rather from the US government itself which would have us believe that it is the innocent victim of religious extremists.

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