Afghanistan: How the Taliban View Their Victory Over US Neo-Imperialism!

The Grace of Allah Grants Victory in Afghanistan!

From the perspective of the Holy Qur’an, the victory of the Taliban over the US military machine in Afghanistan is a reward from Allah. Allah has allowed the Americans to test the faith and sincerity of each Taliban volunteer by the killing of between 50,000-200,000 Muslim fighters between 2001-2021. The agency of this divine testing has been the technological (material) power that the Americans possess. Indeed, hundreds of videos are available on the internet featuring small squads of Taliban fights moving around the Afghan landscape during the day and night – whilst being observed miles away and then obliterated by US Apache helicopters and combat drones (the latter often controlled by teenagers sat in a warehouse in Washington). As the physical bodies of the Taliban fighters are blown into a thousand pieces – the US ‘pilots’ can be heard making racist comments and laughing as arms and legs are strewn all over the battlefield! The sense projected is that of a realistic video game that possesses real-world ramifications. The foot-soldiers of the Taliban often carry a rusty AK-47 and possess no proper artillery, anti-aircraft missiles or even an air force! One such video that has stayed with me far longer than most involved a US Apache Helicopter crew deciding to engage a platoon of Taliban soldiers around 5 miles away. The unsuspecting men are walking around on the ground as the thousands of high-explosive rounds silently come in – causing a sudden explosion of destruction. As the Americans laugh out loud, whilst they follow a single Taliban soldier who survived the initial onslaught as he runs and hides behind a tree! He kneels-down and begins to prey – with the American pilots exchanging racist banter and suggesting they let him bob up and down a few times ‘as if Allah is real and saved his life!’ Having achieved this, the Apache helicopter fires another load of destructive fire and this Taliban soldier disintegrates into fiery pieces that probably no longer represent a human-body! 

Allah Tested the Resolve of the Taliban Fighters!

Although the Taliban often launched intuitive human-wave attacks on Western military positions, the superior fire-power of the ‘infidels’ caused horrific casualties amongst the attackers with little to show for this sacrifice in the physical world. However, not only were these losses easily replaced by voluntary recruitment, but the Holy Qur’an states that death in the service of Allah should not be lamented and good Muslims should not be grief-stricken, as those who have died for Allah have certainly entered the garden (of paradise)! Although their physical lives are over, their souls have gone on to be with Allah in the garden of paradise and there is no reason to feel sad! This being the case, the US (and Western) standards of victory and defeat on the battlefield do not count from the Taliban perspective. Allah is all-knowing and all-pervasive and remains unaffected by actions in the physical world. Although his prophets and servants all eventually ‘die’ – Allah is left unchanged and just as powerful. When the time is correct, he will grant a complete and final victory – which he has done in Afghanistan. The 300,000 Afghanistani soldiers recruited and trained to serve the US invasion of their country did not want to fight on their own as a separate entity to their Taliban counter-parts. As soon as their ‘White’ (US) paymasters had left the country, they took their uniforms off and gave their weapons to the incoming Taliban! This reality demonstrates the precarious nature of US neo-imperialism around the world! Allah granted the Taliban a great victory over US imperialism because the Taliban soldiers demonstrated their purity of spirit in their willingness to sacrifice their lives for Allah on earth!  

The Victory Belongs to Allah!

When the time was right (and not before) Allah cleared the path to a great Taliban victory the likes of which has not been seen for many decades in the world. I suspect that war-torn Iraq may be close to falling completely into the hands of ISIS – with other Islamic groups taking great sustenance from this Taliban victory! Remember, how the West view these movements is not the point, as these movements do not view themselves in the same way. Although the US undoubtedly generated Islamo-fascism to oppose the Communist Bloc and the USSR, and despite these groups using terrorism to make their points, it is the Holy Qur’an (regardless of interpretation) which dictates all their actions. Although not embracing of Marxist-Leninist ideology – the Holy Qur’an is certainly ‘anti-capitalist’! This will always be a problem for the US. The Taliban ‘kills’ the ‘non-believers’ with a clear mind free of any guilt or hesitation. The enemies of Allah – once they take up arms against the followers of Allah – are to be confronted and destroyed without hesitation! The endless killing carried-out by these groups in combat is sanctioned by the Holy Qur’an. This is nothing new and when it has historically been in the service of the West – there has been nothing wrong with it! It is only when such an idea is used against US neo-imperialism and Western predatory capitalism that it becomes a problem. Bear in mind that a recent academic report published in the West states that since 1945 to present – the US military has killed between 20 – 30 million people around the world in pursuit of its capitalist ends! This is why many Muslims ask ‘who are the real terrorists?’ 

Allah Has Granted a New Era in Afghanistan!

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