AFP: If French Trotskyism had a Name…

Alexander Werth was a British journalist and historian who lived in France both before and after WWII, and his history of France from 1940-1945 is a treasure trove of socio-economic data! (He spent the war years as a BBC journalist on the frontline of the Soviet Red Army with his ability to read, write and speak fluent Russian proving very popular. He was even permitted an interview with Joseph Stalin immediately after the war – who said there would be no war with the West – a good former ally)! The French Resistance was armed and funded by the International arm of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union! Many of the men and women (who risked) and gave their lives fought bravely against the vicious Nazi German invaders – were often ardent Union members associated with the Communist Party of France! After the war, the Communist Party of France was well respected and expected to be rewarded with real political power until the US made its presence felt through its blatantly ‘anti-Socialist’ and ‘pro-capitalist’ policies which sought to drive a wedge between the USSR – the true Victor’s over the Fascist Bloc – and the French people (a policy the US would replicate throughout Western Europe). In return for substantial amounts of reconstruction grants, aid and trade, the French government was to cut all (positive) direct political ties with the USSR and implement a countywide anti-Soviet propaganda offensive through its education system and media outlets. To continue to receive US aid, every story about the USSR had to be ‘negative’ with an emphasis upon imagined ‘massacres’, and the ‘similarities’ between ‘Soviet Socialism’ and German ‘National Socialism’! Part of this disinformation campaign involved the false idea that ‘capitalism’ is the preferred ideology of the working-class and that ‘Socialism’ is nothing but an unwanted imposition forced upon the powerless masses by those with power. Indeed, this is exactly the blueprint adhered to by Leon Trotsky and his followers – who thought that the USSR would better-off under a Western European form of capitalism with bourgeois-left leanings! Through Trotsky’s cooperation, the Western bourgeoisie sought to re-gain the foothold it had lost in the USSR during the 1917 October Revolution! Obviously, the post-1945 US understood the potential benefits of applying a Trotskyite policy Europe-wide and referring to its (pro-capitslist) leftist characteristics as being ‘Socialist’ when in fact it was nothing but the return of the bourgeois oppression of the proletariat! The French media was brought firmly into line with this ideology and this is exactly the approach that the ‘AFP’ (Agency French Press) pursues to this day! It identifies a potential weak spot in any story that its journalists can hit hard through contrived and aggressive reporting. This it does with regular and predictable monotony. Much of its content is comprised of fake news concocted about Socialist countries – which involves made-up stories about so-called ‘Human Rights’ abuse – whilst ardently ignoring any and all such abuses actually happening in the capitalist US and Europe! The task of AFP is present all progressive developments as being backwards and detrimental to the wellbeing of the working-class! In true Trotskyite style, this lying is refined to a very degree by the AFP which seeks to keep the working-class disunited and separated by all different types of derision, speculation and misdirection. Whilst claiming to be opposed to to rascism – Trotskyites actually pursue a path that encourages racism if it suites their policy of undermining the development of working-class unity and the development of genuine Socialism. Like the fascists they emulate, the Trotskyites present existing racism as an insurmountable barrier to working-class unity! This approach to current affairs is evident throughout AFP discourse, which is quite happy to sow the seeds of derision between the individual members within the various branches of the working class – just as it does between the different branches themselves throughout the world! Whilst possessing (or citing) no evidence whatsoever, AFP would have us believe that the CPC routinely runs Concentration Camps in Xinjiang and continuously oppresses and murders its own citizens! This world of fantasy Trotskyism extends to racism being a very powerful force in the world that has the power to end or prevent Socialist regimes! Finally, AFP emphasises the ideal that the working-class cannot truly lead its own society and needs the dominance of the bourgeoisie if it is to be successful! Such is the deluded nature of the AFP!

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