News Article: Local NHS Midwife Awarded ‘999’ Cruise! (Submitted to the ‘Sutton Guardian’ 15.7.2021)


Author’s Note: A slightly different version of this article appeared in the online Sutton Guardian dated Wednesday 21.7.2021 – and again in the printed version dated Thursday July 22nd, 2021. The online version can be accessed at the link above and I will add a screen shot of this version as well as the printed article to the information below. The Sutton Gaudian Journalist has took my name off the finished article (as I am the ‘original author’) replacing it with her own – and has shortened the printed version, etc. This type of ‘dishonesty’ is common within the bourgeois press and something we genuine writers have to live with until a firmer (legal) control of the UK media becomes a reality. As I suspected something like this would happen – I published my ‘original’ article on this blog for all to see on the day that I submitted it for consideration to the local press. This is the equivalent of ‘posting it to myself’ to prove ‘Copyright’. Still, I am prepared to take this indignity for the story of Gee’s success (the ‘true’ subject of this article) to made known to a greater audience. Like ALL NHS Staff – she deserves far more publicity for the risks she takes and the lives she saves! ACW (21.7.2021)

Shortened Version Appeared in the Printed Sutton Guardian dated 22.7.2021

Gee Wyles (35) – of West Sutton – works as a NHS Midwife at Kings College Hospital (Denmark Hill) – and has served on the frontline during the entire Covid19 outbreak since 2020 – keeping mothers and babies safe during these extraordinary times! Continuously working over 12-hour shifts (day and night), Midwife Gee has ensured that the patients under her care have been fully protected from infection by Covid19, and that they leave the hospital fit and well! In recognition for her hard-work (and bravery) her husband – Adrian Wyles – put her name forward for the Royal Caribbean ‘999 Cruise’ offer which allowed for 999 ‘free’ four-night cruises to be awarded to ‘Blue-Light Card Holders’ of the Emergency Services throughout the UK! This includes certain ‘frontline’ NHS Staff members, the British Military, the Police, Fire-Fighters and Prison Officers, etc. This is part of the worldwide ‘Cruises to Nowhere’ initiative designed to stimulate the cruise industry despite the various stringent Covid19 safety regulations.  

These are short cruises that sail without stopping anywhere – before returning to safely their home port. Gee Wyles was lucky enough to receive an offer of a free cruise despite at least 20,000 other entries all hoping for one of the just under a thousand ‘once in a lifetime cruise offers’! Gee, her husband and two daughters (Mei-An and Kai-Lin) left Southampton at 1800hrs on the 11.7.2021 and spent the next two days (and nights) sailing westward and northwards up towards Ireland – before the ship – ‘Anthem of the Sea’ – turned around and spent the next two-days (and nights) heading back to port, where it arrived in the early hours of the 15.7.2021! The ship was allowed to carry a thousand passengers only due to ongoing Conid19 rules with around half onboard being part of the ‘999 Cruise’ offer – with the others being comprised of regular passengers. On the last night of the cruise – a representative of Royal Caribbean Crew personally thanked all the NHS Staff passengers and led a grateful round of applause! 

Sun-Set 14.7.2021 as Seen from Stateroom 250 (Floor 13).

Thank You To Our 999 Heroes

Registrations for our 999 free sailings for the emergency services, NHS, Social Care Sector and Armed Forces have now closed. All registered guests will be entered into an independent ballot and will be contacted on or before April 30th, 2021 with details on whether or not they have secured a free sailing.

From: Royal Caribbean International <>
Sent: Friday, 30 April 2021, 09:00
To: Gee Wyles
Subject: Congratulations! You’ve been selected for one of our 999 free sailings

Dear Gee Cheuk,

Thank you for registering for one of our 999 free sailings to thank those working in the emergency services, NHS, social care sector, and armed forces.

After receiving over 20,000 deserving entries, we want to say congratulations! We are delighted to let you know that you have won a free sailing onboard Anthem of the Seas this summer.
So, what are the next steps? We will be reaching out to you via the email address you provided within the next 48 hours to request some further information needed to secure your booking and provide you with further detail about your sailing.

Our 999 free sailings are our way of saying thank you to those working in the emergency services, NHS, social care sector and armed forces. We appreciate everything you do for our communities and we look forward to having you onboard very soon!


The Royal Caribbean International team

Sutton midwife awarded with ‘999 cruise’ by Royal Caribbean

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