How the US Uses Bourgeois Social Science in Eastern Europe!

Romania has always had the Problem of Neo-Nazism!

Bourgeois Social Science, of course, is not a ‘science’ in the conventional sense, but is more of an ‘art’ pursuing the eternal quest of discovering something ‘concrete’ within the amorphous blob that is ‘social structure’ – so that whatever this ‘thing’ happens to be – it can theoretically be weighed and measured! As this quest is never fulfilled, Sociologists settle for ‘analogy’ instead. This is the continuous process of ‘getting as close’ as possible to properly defining the forever shifting sands of social ‘identity’ and political ‘control’ using thought experimentation, allegory and metaphor. For the Social Scientist, society is never what it is thought to be, as its current definition is alluded to through the auspices of something else. Such a pursuit is ‘bourgeois’ because it purposely avoids ‘class’ as the defining aspect of all social constructs. For this type of Social Scientist, class is just one aspect of many competing for dominance, with a number of such academics subscribing to the false notion that ‘class’ either no longer exists as a defining factor, or that ‘class’ has never existed as a defining factor. This position is deliberately adopted to undermine the Marxist position. This assessment has relevance to the current situation throughout Eastern Europe, whereby the United States has exported its system of predatory capitalism – but without necessarily including liberal democracy. The US Social Scientists have identified the social formation of ‘fascism’ as the most efficient medium through which the ruthless ideology of predatory capitalism can spread – as the two ideologies compliment and assist one another! Lenin, of course, stated that fascism is capitalism in decline – so the connection between the two ideologies is confirmed within Marxist-Leninism. Being bourgeois, the US Social Scientists apply the ‘inverted’ motion that ‘fascism’ is capitalism in the ‘ascendency’, but this is demonstrably wrong as everywhere fascism emerges – so does war and social destruction. Hardly the conditions for a stable and thriving capitalist society! Rewriting the past is an American speciality. Inverting history is the bread and butter of US predatory capitalism and has been since at least 1945 – but also from the early 1920s when Edward Bernays (the nephew of Sigmund Fraud) laid the foundations for consumer capitalism. The bourgeois Romanians are busy aligning their hideous (historical) fascistic actions with their current existential reality as they conform to US dictates. Of course, this form of slavery is now termed ‘Freedom’ in the new order! 

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