The Fascist Misogyny of the Daily Mail!

Just One of Many Misogynistic Head-Lines from the Anti-Woman Daily Mail!

The Daily Mail is a functioning fascist newspaper in the UK which gleefully showed its true colours in the two-decades before WWII – supporting Mussolini from 1922 and Adolf Hitler from 1933! The Daily Mail revelled in the international rise of fascism and fully supported the fascist movements in the UK! This activity of far-right sympathy was a part of a broader phenomenon in the Conservative Party which also included Winston Churchill writing about his admiration for Adolf Hitler! The Daily Mail opposed the Soviet confrontation in Spain with the (Catholic) fascist Franco in his war against democracy! The British working-class men and women who volunteered to fight in the Socialist International Brigades were portrayed as ‘scum’ and the Daily Mail ‘cheered’ when they lost their lives! Nothing has substantially changed today. The task of the Daily Mail is to infiltrate the British working-class and infect its disunified mindset with fascism! It continuously broadcasts the message that a woman or girl is only worth something if she is scantily dressed and behaving in ways that satisfy the perverted desires of dirty old men (the typical Daily Mail reader). Page after page is given over to this type of negative stereotyping and brain-washing! A woman or girl who does not behave in this demeaning fashion will not be featured in the Daily Mail, and is viewed with contempt by its Editors! Women exist as sexual objects only, to serve as momentary entertainment for the perverted paying customers of the Daily Mail! Ironically, after issuing story after story and photograph after photograph which reinforces the idea that women and young girls exist only to act as ‘sexual objects’ to be exploited by the perverted Daily Mail readership – the following pages of the average edition is taken up with one story after another relaying in sordid detail how ‘vile’ men have ‘acted’ upon the perverted and twisted attitudes toward women the routinely Daily Mail publishes – being found guilty of the most heinous of crimes involving ‘sexual deviancy’! This is nothing short of the fascist agenda of the Daily Mail exposed! 

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