Capitalist Criminality and the Myth of ‘Psychiatric Wards’ in the USSR

POLAND. 1948. Tereska, a child in a residence for disturbed children. She drew a picture of “home” on the blackboard.

Unraveling a 70-Year-Old Photographic Mystery

I have come across three distinct references within Western discourse that repeat the ‘myth’ that the USSR possessed Psychiatric Hospitals whose wards were full of ‘million’ of Soviet Citizens being ‘punished’ by the Soviet State for daring to ‘speak-out’ against Socialism. The first was within the expected anti-intellectualism expressed by the Church of Scientology, the second was in a ‘Preface’ of a book written by a survivor of the Holocaust, (a ‘Zionist’ author who – whilst condemning German ‘fascism’ – fully supported the Israeli genocide against the Palestinians without any sense of irony, whilst ‘omitting’ any mention of the Soviet Red Army which ‘Liberated’ himself and millions of others from a certain death in Auschwitz), and the third example was experienced within a number of ‘fictional’ stories written in the West. Obviously, this hellish vision of life in the USSR only ever existed in the ‘sick’ psyche of the capitalist West, and never possessed any concrete reality. Indeed, during the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) the Soviet Union lost between 27-40 million casualties. The horrific behaviour of the invading Nazi Germans (and their allies) caused terrible physical and psychological damage to every Soviet man, woman and child! These people were looked after and gently nursed back to health supported by the Soviet State. The capitalist West has never acknowledged this dreadful situation in the USSR and has always sought to misrepresent and denigrate the Soviet people and the good and effective leadership of the USSR! Indeed, the medical science developed in the USSR was so good that millions of people from around the world were transported to Russia to receive ‘free’ top class medical treatment!  When the bourgeois-controlled West developed the hideous ‘lobotomy’ as a means to ‘punish’ difference, it was only the USSR that stood up for humanity! 

Marx and Engels taught that the bourgeoisie came to power with a deeply religious attitude that served as the foundation of the modern capitalist this class developed since the 16th century. The superficial and petty Christianity enforced upon everyday life, was built upon a false and ‘inverted’ premise. As this premise was ‘inverted’ – so Marx taught – it could not be true. Essentially, an ‘inverted’ mindset involved a thought in the head being mistaken for a real and existing object in the physical environment. In other words, ‘popular’ religion encouraged the interpreting of reality the ‘wrong way around’, and the bourgeois used this idea to ‘mystify’ money and encourage its ‘worship’ as if it were an omnipotent ‘god’, when in fact it is nothing more than a creation of the human mind and human labour to be used within human society. Just as money is ‘mystified’ by the bourgeoise, so is the oppressed working-class encouraged to mindlessly continue with its endless labours making valuable objects it never owns, uses or benefits from, and generating masses of ‘profit’ for the greedy bourgeois over-lords, it never receives a fair share of. The workers must adhere to a religious belief that demands an acquiescence to these conditions where ‘duty’ to drudgery, replaces any attempt to ‘protest’ and ‘change’ the conditions of reality. Indeed, the ‘Revolutionary’ spirit of Marx and Engels ‘demands’ a definite ‘change’ exactly at the point of reality where popular religion is highly conservative of the system and ‘resists’ this change. 

This is why religion in its popular form – with its myth of god and disembodied heaven – must be swept away and stripped of all political power and cultural interference in the running of a society whose workers control the means of production, and which predatory capitalism is replaced by Socialism. It is the capitalist mindset which views reality the ‘wrong way around’, and which leads to endless types of emotional and cognitive damage, causing all kinds of crimes. Indeed, mental illness and habitual crime – regardless of the laxity or strength of legal systems – is always with the capitalist system. Crime was very low in the USSR and Communist Bloc prior to 1991, almost non-existent. Now, capitalist crime (both ‘legal’ and ‘illegal’) is everywhere, as is abject poverty and suffering for the working-class, now the bourgeoisie has regained control of the means of production yet again. One marker of insanity that the US defined as a representation of true ‘freedom’ through Eastern Europe was the spread of pornography throughout the region. As the Socialist Welfare State was suddenly withdrawn, massive poverty and suffering ensued. Young men and women experienced starvation, lack of medical care and a State that no longer cared for their well-being. Pornographers offered ‘quick’ money if women (and men) submitted to being filmed whilst engaging in sexual activity. It must be said that ‘women’ were by far the greatest victim of this ‘legal’ exploitation, whilst the bodies of younger girls and female children became the victims of the ‘illegal’ exploitation of child sexual abuse and child pornography. Wherever the US has colonised – such as Germany, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan – the pornography industry has followed. White (male) Americans are also known to travel to these countries (and places like Costa Rica, the Philippines and elsewhere), to ‘pay’ to sexually abuse children, often ‘filming’ the abuse and even engaging in ‘snuff’ movies where the poor children are ‘murdered’ after being ‘raped’. None of this capitalist criminality existed in the USSR and the Communist Bloc, with even the FBI admitting that at any one time in the US, there are about fifty ‘active’ serial-killers! 

The US and Western Europe – in a bid to out-develop Soviet medicine – championed the medical procedure known as the ‘lobotomy’. The originator of this procedure was the Portuguese neurologist – António Egas Moniz – who unbelievably was allowed to ‘share’ the Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine of 1949 for the ‘discovery of the therapeutic value of leucotomy in certain psychoses.’ Bear-in mind that the Nobel Prize is invariably ‘anti-Socialist’ and thoroughly bourgeois in nature. For years the Stalin Peace Prize and Lenin Peace Prize was the Socialist equivalent – awarding the ‘true’ pioneers within human society for the genuine progression of science, peace and authentic understanding. The corrupt nature of the Nobel Prize can be gleamed from the fact that it was awarded to the traitor Mikhail Gorbachev for plunging the Russian working-class into a permanent state of abject poverty when he collaborated with the capitalist West and facilitated the dismantling of the USSR! In the meantime, doctors in the West performed ‘lobotomies’ on tens of thousands of unsuspecting victims – causing irreversible ‘brain-damage’ through an ice-pick being ‘hammered into the front of the brain through the upper eye-socket! Poor people were forcibly hospitalised by rich people for being ‘gay’, holding ‘Socialist’ views, or for women ‘speaking their minds’. A particularly disturbing trend saw African-Americans who lived their lives like human-beings were ‘lobotomised’ for daring to act with ‘confidence’ like a ‘White person’! Asians, Chinese and Korean people were ‘treated’ in this manner in an attempt to ‘remove’ their troublesome ‘ethnic’ identities which offended White Society. Even children were sometimes lobotomised for suffering from low self-esteem and eating disorders!  In the USSR, which had always pursued a compassionate and tolerant attitude toward mental health, Joseph Stalin was advised by Soviet scientists that the thinking behind the ‘lobotomy’ was nothing but ‘pseudoscience’, and a way for the middle-class to inflict its medical Will upon the working-class and anyone who ‘deviated’ from the preferred and perceived standards of capitalist society! During 1950, the Soviet Union became the first country to ‘ban’ the procedure on the grounds that it simply did not work, was not ‘scientific’, and was a clear example of the middle-class attacking the working-class! Doctors in Europe followed the example of the USSR, but the US continued to perform lobotomies well into the 1970s – not wanting to be seen to be listening to Soviet scientists!   

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