QAnon – and Other Right-Wing US Anti-Intellectualism

QAnon Mythology is the ‘New’ Religion

The utter fabricated stupidity of the US System throughout the 20th century is now paying dividends in the 21st century. A generation of privileged White people now think their cultivated stupidity is the most sublime of understandings, and any criticism of it is the devil’s work, a Communist conspiracy or the product of 5G! Only the outspoken fascist – Donald Trump – can save America from its own ‘fascism’ and no one can ‘see’ the irony’, ‘contradiction’ or ‘illogicality’ of it all! Yes – the contrived stupidity of it all now suggests that Hollywood actors ‘appear’ to stay young not from the copious amount of plastic surgery these people can afford, or the clever make-up employed on-set – but obviously because they are part of a child-trafficking ring within which these actors, directors and producers, etc,  routinely drink the rejuvenating blood of children when they are not sexually abusing these prisoners!

Non-White Support the QAnon Racism Aimed at Them!

Of course, in true anti-intellectualist style – only Donald Trump can ‘see’ all this like some fascist Pope on his throne – and must re-elected to protect the American Nation (and the ‘White’ Western world) from this attack by the Christians, Jews and non-Whites who are simultaneously trying to get into the West – and paradoxically are ‘already here’! They are made to build the ‘wall’ which is designed to keep them ‘out’… This new fascist cult started in 2017 on obscure and fringe social media platforms – and now has millions of followers around the world! It has its roots in the far-right – White Supremacy – ideology and seems to be an integration of Hitler’s Mein Kampf and the Matrix fiction. It is science fiction for morons, layabouts and race-haters who cannot tie their own laces because their hands are too small (to match their deficient intellects). All this ‘Mickey Mouse’ fascism hides the true extent and horror of the American bourgeoisie which has lurched to right and appears to like being there! Idiotic Zionists such as Roseanne Barr support Trump and the QAnon stupidity because he, she (and it) supports the fascism of Zionist Israel and the ongoing genocide of the Palestinian people! Remember, after an extensive investigation in 1975, the United Nations declared ‘Zionism’ a form of ‘White Supremacy’ developed historically by middle-class (secular) Jews living in late 19th century Germany. QAnon is a vehicle for a) general fascism, and b) Zionist fascism specifically.

Mindless Conformity of the Bourgeoisie

Just as Hitler appealed to ‘unseen’ (and ‘non-existent’) enemies to secure election victory in 1933 Germany – Trump and his supporters are appealing to the sheer stupidity of the average American voter to re-elect Trump because of a half-baked racist mythology! In reality, QAnon is nothing but a bourgeois conspiracy designed to keep the bourgeoisie in-power and maintaining control of the means of production – as in the world of real politics – this is the only power that matters! As long as the ordinary people are kept busy chasing non-existent shadows through misplaced notions of patriotism – then the position of the bourgeoisie is not only ‘safe’, but also ‘strengthened’! Perhaps this post contains a ‘hidden’ message for QAnon believers… 

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