Racist Western Media ‘Lies’ About Bubonic Plague in China!

Racist West Fears ‘Dirty’ China!

Following Communist China’s successful handling of the Covid19 Crisis, and the abject failure of the capitalist West to follow suite, a new propaganda offensive has begun in the US supported by the inherently ‘racist’ Global Times (a deceptive right-wing ‘China Watch’ front), and the US and UK media. These fake reports build on the Eurocentric ideas that Mainland Chinese people are racially, psychologically, emotionally, culturally, scientifically and politically ‘inferior’ to their Western counter-parts – and that this ‘inferiority’ inevitably involves the inability for a nation to keep itself clean, tidy and free of communicative disease! The racist undercurrent defining this latest piece of Facebook-spread ‘fake news’ is that China is ‘dirty’ and that this ‘dirtiness’ is putting in jeopardy the health of the pristine White race!  Global Times – without quoting any legitimate Chinese language sources – has reported a story asserting that a young child has contracted symptoms that appear similar to that of the bubonic plague which devastated Europe in the Middle Ages (often blamed – by racist Eurocentric historians – upon China with no reliable evidence). The Global Times then followed-up this story with a piece of fiction about a case of suspected bubonic plague in ‘Northern China and Mongolia’ – again, without any credible evidence. The US and British media have not bothered to ask Chinese Officials or Medical experts about these rumours, but has instead ‘fabricated’ stories of pure fiction (printed as ‘news’) that the bubonic plague has spread through at least seven provinces in China and is killing thousands! The warped logic behind this racism then explains away the total lack of any evidence as ‘the Chinese government covering it up’! Obviously, I was surprised to read these stories in the British media, and have spent the last few days researching in the Chinese Mainland and talking to my political and academic colleagues. All have confirmed that there is NO bubonic plague in China and has not been for years! These ‘fake’ Western stories have been translated in the Chinese language for dissemination throughout the Chinese diaspora and the US-colony of Taiwan. In the US colony of South Korea – these stories have been translated into the Korean language. Capitalist countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore, etc, allow these fake stories to circulate – to keep ordinary Chinese people from ‘uniting’ and supporting and respecting Mainland China. As most Western people are unable to ‘read’ Chinese language texts, (and therefore cannot understand their content or context), the US media ‘pretends’ that these ‘translations’ are the ‘original’ Chinese language source articles from which they gained their original information! The racist Western media a) ‘fabricates’ these anti-China stories in the English language, b) ‘translates’ these fabrications in the Chinese language and c) presents these ‘translations’ as authoritative source materials. This process is a typical ‘inversion’ of reality expected of the bourgeoisie which places the cart before the horse and declares it ‘ready to roll’! The only ‘sickness’ in this entire affair is that of historical Western racism which lurks in the dark recesses of the European mind… 

Adrian Chan-Wyles – Political Commissar – CPC – UK Support (1.10.2020) 

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