DPRK: How the US Misrepresents North Korea

69th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Army (2017)

The bulk of English-language publications follow the disinformation line formulated by the ideologues of the USA. Although this undoubtedly existed prior to 1945, after the end of WWII and the extension of Soviet influence throughout Eastern Europe and Asia, the US stepped-up its disinformation campaign considerably, and linked US Aid for reconstruction to how well a country enacted the will of US foreign policy. To ease the disinformation and unify its application throughout Western Europe, the blue-print of the European Union was laid by the US, the main purpose of which was to propagate anti-Soviet and anti-Marxist-Leninist sentiment. Each country under the influence of US hegemony was to perpetuate anti-Soviet ideology through its educational and media establishments. The workers were to be persuaded NOT to congregate into unions or similar class-based organisations, but if they did, they were diverted into the more acceptable Trotskyite versions. Trotsky (in 1938) had called upon all his followers to support the international fascist cause and assist in any attack upon the USSR! This is why the Trotskyite movement supported Hitler’s attack upon the Soviet Union in 1941. Although Trotsky was killed in 1940, his plan had been to destroy the Socialist System of the USSR and replace it with a typical bourgeois, capitalist system prevalent throughout Western Europe at the time. Hitler’s new plan was to eradicate the Slavic race and use an ‘emptied’ Russia to form a ‘Greater Germany’ for the resettlement of the German people. The Trotskyites, never that concerned about the details of genocidal plans, went along with this new plan with virtually no moral qualms.  

The Soviet Red Army had liberated North Korea in 1945, with the US occupying the Southern part of the Korean Peninsula after letting the Soviets carry-out the lion’s share of the fighting and dying. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea was founded in 1948, and is also called ‘North Korea’. When the Communist Party of China came to power in 1949, the US government started to get noticeably anxious! Whereas the US perceived the USSR as a predominantly ‘White’ country (rightly or wrongly), the spread of Marxist-Leninist ideology throughout Asia was viewed as unacceptable. Western (Eurocentric) racism had long viewed all the non-White races as ‘inferior’, and the post-1945 US government simply integrated its ongoing anti-Socialist ideology with its racist dogma to form a particularly powerful and virulent anti-Chinese and anti–Korean racism, prejudice and discrimination. Although some of the more ‘liberal’ areas of US discourse criticised racism in general (when arbitrarily aimed at non-Socialists and non-Whites), such people willingly collaborated with and validated such racism when aimed at Communist China and Socialist Korea! Indeed, anti-Korean racism is the foundation of the US false propaganda applied to the subject of North Korea, and because of linguistic and cultural differences between the two countries, the English-speaking Americans possess no ability to access or read reliable Korean literature or listen to Korean-language broadcasts giving a different opinion. This is why the US method of using its quite natural anti-Korean racism is very effective when used in this manner.  

The youth of the West must a) be allowed freedom of study in principle (although in practice this is suitably ‘blocked’ by the cost of entering formal education), whilst b) being prevented from adopting Marxist-Leninism, forming effective unions in the work-place, and c) from ‘internationalising’ their efforts by directly relating to the sections of the working-class already living within Socialist Systems. The Western education system (and media) paints the North Korean workers as being ‘racially inferior’, and ‘morally’ and ‘culturally’ backward! South Koreans, whilst remaining racially ‘inferior’ to their White American overlords, nevertheless are preferable to their Northern cousins because they at least embrace the predatory capitalism as demanded by their European masters. Although mass poverty, injustice and oppression exist throughout all of South Korea (with many so-called ‘citizens’ living in cardboard shacks hidden behind high-rise flats), the US and South Korean media collude to show only the small section of the wealthy and their glitzy lifestyle. The majority of citizens existing under US oppression in South Korea live in abject poverty, with many hundreds (if not thousands) trying to cross the border-zone into the safety of North Korea each year. The US and South Korean military keep it a tight secret as to how many South Koreans are killed by South Korean or US Forces each year. Both North Korean and Chinese observers have witnessed South Koreans attempting to cross the military border only to be shot in the head by a single sniper round. This ‘shoot to kill’ is a deliberate (and racist) policy expertly carried-out by US Snipers.  

The US, through its fascistic manipulation of academia and news articles, projects all the inadequacies of Western capitalism upon North Korean Socialism. Just as people starve throughout the Western world and within South Korea, the US claims (without evidence), that Korean Socialism has led to widespread and continuous famine in the North. This is untrue and has no basis in fact. The idea that people ‘starve’ in North Korea is the premise of much Western academia upon the subject, often written by White authors who have never visited North Korea and have no direct experience of the country, its people or its culture. The false allegation of continuous famine is followed by power being retained through draconian measures. The US asserts, (again, without evidence), that if only the hold of the Workers’ Party was broken, the North Korean people would over-throw the Socialist System and willingly adopt Western-style capitalism! This is a Western fantasy designed to entertain the imagination of poorly educated, bourgeois Europeans. The stupidity of US anti-intellectualism knows no bounds! The Workers’Party of North Korea represents ALL the Korean people – North and South! The Korean people living under the tyranny of US occupation in the South must be liberated and those who collaborated with the US regime brought to trial! Those found Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity (and the Korean people) will suffer the Death Penalty! Westerners who care about the truth should search out reliable and genuine information about North Korea and never trust anything the Western media or education system tells you!  


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