Joseph Stalin as Working-Class Hero – Leon Trotsky as Anti-Working-Class Activist

By Adrian Chan-Wyles (PhD) 

Author’s Note: President Roosevelt initiated full diplomatic relations with the USSR in 1933, partly due to the fact that the Soviet Union remained unaffected by the depression that was then causing immense suffering in the Western capitalist countries. People were starving en mass and the US feared a Soviet-style Revolution if something wasn’t done promptly to help. Roosevelt adopted a number of Socialist policies to feed people for free and build social housing for hundreds of thousands, but he remained cautious whilst dealing with the Soviets. The US ideologues feared a mass-movement genuinely ‘freeing African-Americans from the yoke of White, racist control and subordination’. Roosevelt was of the opinion that a ‘limited Socialism’, although inherently ‘un-American’, could be stage-managed on a number of fronts beneficial to US citizens within, and the US reputation without. Compared to what was coming post-1945, the US sailed dangerously close to encouraging and empowering a Socialist Revolution. True – the US philosopher named Will Durant openly ‘lied’ about the conditions he experienced during his visit to the USSR in 1933. Despite him and his wife being treated like royalty at every step, and even though neither could read, write or speak Russian, Durant would later claim (without evidence) that a number of Russian workers came up to him and said life was terrible and far worse than under the Czar. When the NKVD investigated Durant’s claims, not only were there no disaffected workers found in Russia, but Soviet Intelligence revealed that the US government asked Durant to ‘plant’ the story as disinformation, because Roosevelt was concerned that he might be coming across as ‘too’ sympathetic to the Communist cause!  Meanwhile, George Orwell in the UK – once an admirer of Stalin and the USSR – had come under the influence of the Trotskyites, who recruited him to write anti-Soviet books that could be read by adults and children in the UK. Orwell came up with ‘Animal Farm’, and ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ – two anti-Soviet and reactionary books that every schoolchild still has to study today! As a loyal Trotskyite, the world that Orwell describes is in fact the capitalist world he inhabits – with all its peculiarities and deficiencies falsely projected onto a Soviet Union that in reality possessed none of these weaknesses! Meanwhile, back in the US, Trotsky’s align with fascism and capitalism in 1938 led to a rise in his influence and his eventual murder in 1940. Roosevelt, dithering as to whether he should come in on the side of the UK or not in its fight against Nazi Germany, was warned by reactionary elements in his government that the Communist Party of the USA (since 1933 with the coming to power of Hitler and the establishment of US-USSR relations), had grown vastly in strength, popularity and influence throughout America! Roosevelt responded by passing a law which would mean that the Communist Party of the USA – as a prominent member of the Soviet-led ‘Third International’ – would have to ‘register’ as a US entity facilitating the empowerment of a ‘foreign’ power within the borders of the US. After consulting with the Soviets, it was decided that the Communist Party of the USA would leave the ‘Third International’ (Comintern), cut all ties with the ‘foreign’ power and therefore avoid being closed down and possibly declared an ‘illegal’ organisation in the US! With the US workers out of the Comintern, it was just a matter of time before the Soviets dissolved the Comintern altogether in 1943. This was something of an olive branch from Joseph Stalin to his Western allies, but just two years later, these same ‘allies’ would begin one of the most vicious and sustained ideological attacks ever seen in the world! A recent academic survey has calculated that from 1945 to the present, the US military has killed around 20 million people in the world in pursuit of defending and extending its hegemony. Much of this killing has been in the name of predatory capitalism, and justified as being ‘against’ Socialism. And yet the average person is so brainwashed today, that the excesses of Hitler and the US are erroneously assumed to crimes emanating from the person of just one man – namely Joseph Stalin. Ironically, Joseph Stalin is the only true hero in this whole sordid affair! ACW (27.5.2020)  

Trotsky was never a genuine Marxist-Leninist, a Bolshevik or even a ‘Socialist’ He was none of these things, and yet his acolytes mistakenly believe that not only was he all three – but that his deficient example and antics somehow represents a ‘new’ type of Leninism that simultaneously manages to have nothing to do with Lenin (or the USSR he created), and which also moves away from (and improves) the uniqueness of Marx and Engels! Trotsky justifies all these absurdities by blaming Joseph Stalin for all his (Trotsky’s) behavioural inconsistencies, illogical and contradictory statements and collaboration with international fascism, Zionism, the Roman Catholic Church and the monopoly capitalists. As with any truly insane person, Leon Trotsky (and his well-trained son) sought to ‘destroy’ the Soviet Union by reducing it to a capitalist (imperialist) country, mimicking those European States (and their US and Japanese allies), which opposed the USSR as a genuine ’Socialist’ State existing only to represent the needs of the working-class! Trotsky was saying these things even when Lenin was alive (pre-1924)! The mistake Trotsky made was in perceiving Joseph Stalin as being ‘weak’ and easier to influence than his teacher – Lenin. Trotsky could never admit his a) capitalist sympathies, or b) his hatred of Marxist-Leninism and of Joseph Stalin for loyally representing it! Trotsky was after personal power and failed to achieve this in the USSR, but achieved notoriety in the West as the capitalists rallied round him as a means to infiltrate and bring-down the USSR from within. Trotsky had his supporters in the USSR, but these people wanted to turn the USSR into something representing modern Russia – which finally realised its Trotskyite dream in late 1991 as the Red Flag was lowered over the Kremlin. Russia today, with its massive inequality, poverty, starvation and suffering, is the very vision of the future that Trotsky peddled and Stalin quite rightly resisted!  

Mussolini came to power in 1922 and immediately imprisoned Antonio Gramsci and began his assault on the Communist movement. Trotsky kept an eye on the antics of Italy’s fascist leader, but was well-aware that his cartoonish rightwingism and unconvincing racism were not going to secure a victory against a Revolutionary Russia that just prevailed in the Russian Civil War, and inflicted military defeats on the US, UK and twelve of their allies, Imperial Germany and her allies, and the dregs of the old Czarist society and its equally ineffective White Armies. The founding of the USSR in late 1922, and the emergence of Joseph Stalin in Lenin’s shadow, only served to add to Trotsky’s paranoia as he found his play for power (and bourgeois reform) side-lined by the Revolutionary awareness of Lenin’s greatest and ablest Comrade, fighter, diplomat, organiser, visionary and progressive reformer. Joseph Stalin had been with Lenin since the earliest days of Revolutionary activity, and had even visited London in the early 1900s (see the history of the Marx Memorial Library in Clerkenwell Green). None of this stopped Trotsky scheming in the USSR. He deliberately created breakaway factions and attempted forming a sham Communist Bloc ‘outside’ the Communist Party of the USSR in an attempt to undermine Soviet democracy, and wrestle power from Joseph Stalin (who had been democratically elected into the post of General Secretary of the Communist Party of the USSR)! Due to the tolerant nature of Soviet society under Joseph Stalin, and the rapid improvement of the lives of ordinary people, Trotsky’s poorly disguised counter-Revolutionary activities were tolerated as very much a movement on the periphery of Soviet politics. Eventually, however, Trotsky was arrested, tried and found ‘Guilty’ of treason. Many in the USSR wanted Trotsky executed for his crimes, but due to the service he had rendered the Revolution in its earliest days, Joseph Stalin interceded on his behalf and had him expelled from the USSR in 1929. Stalin’s attitude was that Trotsky should be punished by living with the brutal capitalists he so admired!   

With their leader gone, the anti-Soviet movement discreetly withdrew into the background and continued its work of ideological attempting to undermine the hegemony of the USSR. Meanwhile, whilst outside the USSR, Trotsky quickly found acceptance and support from the Western governments and Jewish money supporting the growing Zionist movement in Palestine. There was a movement amongst Zionist Jews that considered large parts of the USSR suitable for a ‘new’ Israel should the Soviet Union collapse and predatory capitalism developed in its place. This is why Trotsky received ample funding from sections of the Jewish community (notably living in the US). Despite all this support, Trotsky outside the USSR (and his supporters inside the USSR) remained impotent, but all this changed in 1933, as Adolf Hitler and his anti-Marxist ‘National Socialists’ were ‘elected’ into power in Germany. Even with the Vatican support of Italian fascism, Mussolini remained effectual on the world stage as an initiator of anti-Communist activity, but Hitler was another matter. Prior to 1933, aligning himself too closely with Mussolini would have done more harm than good to Trotsky’s ambitions, but he had a very powerful and dangerous ally in Hitler. The Trotsky Archive in the US has been ‘purged’ by US Intelligence to remove all the evidence of Trotsky’s direct contact and collaboration agents of the Nazi German State – but ample evidence exists elsewhere. This combination of Trotsky’s dishonesty and Hitler’s blatant anti-Slav and anti-Bolshevik attitudes led to increased agitation and other activities amongst Trotsky’s supporters still hidden in the USSR. As they became an ever-greater problem, the NKVD hunted them down and rooted them out. Trotsky’s supporters existed in the military, academia and throughout various other institutes and organisations. All were arrested, and all admitted their crimes under interrogation. As these constituted ‘political crimes’, they were either sentenced to death by shooting, or long periods in prisons.  

Trotsky was so furious with what he perceived as Stalin’s attack upon his terrorist organisation, that in 1938 he called for a ‘Fourth International’, and for his followers to support the international fascist movement in any future attack it might make upon the USSR! Trotsky also called for his followers in the USSR to rise-up and carry-out attacks upon the Soviet State and help weaken its infrastructure to assist any external attack. Trotsky was murdered with a pickaxe by one of his own followers whilst living in Mexico in 1940 – with the US media immediately acting as if Joseph Stalin was parachuted into Trotsky’s garden and delivered the telling blow himself! At the very least, the US bourgeois apologists tell us, Trotsky ‘died’ at Stalin’s orders. Interestingly, although it is a Western habit to assume that Stalin was no different to Hitler (particularly from 1945 onwards, after Stalin had already defeated Hitler and made the world safe again), and possessed Hitler’s direct political and military powers, this is pure disinformation to distract the average worker from any genuine knowledge of how the Communist Party democratically functions (also ignoring the reality that Stalin was continuously voted into the office he held by popular vote in the USSR)! Other than acting during an agreed emergency (such as the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945), Stalin could do nothing without numerous committee meetings and extensive rounds of voting. The post of the General Secretary is to coordinate the vast debating, delegating and representing apparatus of the country-wide Communist Party, and is not to ‘dictate’ – a false assumption always levelled at Stalin even though there is no reliable historical evidence for this. Indeed, Stalin’s personal bravery was legendary not only in his younger days alongside Lenin, but also in the dark days of the Nazi Germany invasion of the USSR. As the Hitlerite armies swept toward the outskirts of Moscow, the city was evacuated but Stalin armed himself, gathered fellow volunteers around him and intended to go out fighting on his feet! A very different attitude to the coward Nikita Khrushchev, the head of the Communist Party of the Ukraine (and Trotskyite sympathiser), who after giving the order for the Red Army in the Ukraine to ‘fight to the last round’, used his influence to ‘sneak-out’ of the area on the last aeroplane to safety! As Stalin knew of Khrushchev’s cowardice, Khrushchev harboured a deep hatred for his fellow comrade which would culminate in his equally dishonest 1956 ‘Secret Speech’. 

Stalin saved the USSR from Trotskyism between the death of Lenin in 1924 and the Nazi German invasion in 1941. If Stalin had not exiled Trotsky and uprooted his pro-Western, pro-capitalist and pro-fascist network in the 1930s, a strong USSR and mighty Red Army would not have existed to meet the challenge of Adolf Hitler, and it is reasonable to assume that without Hitler wasting his superior fighting forces in a losing battle in the USSR, in all likelihood the Nazi Germans would have prevailed against Great Britain, with the fascist Italian settling large parts of Africa and the Imperial Japanese subjugating China, Korea and most of Asai! With the defeat of the UK, it is likely that the US would have sued for peace with Hitler. However, even after Stalin’s victory in the real world, the Western powers, seemingly operating from assumption that the working-class would naturally gravitate toward Socialism, channelled their aspirations ‘away’ from genuine Marxist-Leninism and toward a Trotskyism that referred to its own pro-capitalist and pro-fascist ideology as ‘Socialism’, and which guaranteed that a united workforce would never demand a true Revolution or confront the controlling capitalist system providing they were granted the odd pointless and/or selfish concession. This is how things stand today, with most Unions fully supportive of the bourgeois (capitalist) system (whilst exercising the rhetoric of ‘opposition’), revisionist history toward the USSR, and a ‘racist ’opposition to China, North Korea, Vietnam (and other non-European Socialist States) thinly disguised as ‘political criticism’. Even non-White Trotskyites like the British Tariq Ali aligns himself with this anti-China racism and without any sense of shame supports the White racists by referring to Communist China as ‘capitalist’.   

We must remember and support all of Joseph Stalin’s efforts to protect and strengthen genuine Marxist-Leninism, applaud his fight against Trotsky and his followers, remember the Red Army’s victory over fascism with the utmost respect, and join right-minded academics such as EH Carr, Alexander Worth, and the Grover Furr (amongst others). Many Communist Chinese academics also support Joseph Stalin and his good and continuous work, but the average Westerner is separated from this body of work due to the language barrier. The American – Prof. Grover Furr is probably one of the greatest exposers of bourgeois lies and presenters of Socialist truth in the world today, but do not forget modern Russian authors such as ‘Ludo Martens’, etc. There is no reliable or authentic historical evidence either inside or outside the Russian language archives that Joseph Stalin committed mass killings. Every older Russian knows this, but it is a lie continuously repeated in the West by the Trotskyites and their allies. Joseph Stalin was not Adolf Hitler – Joseph Stalin was our working-class protector who fought Hitler on our behalf, this is the truth of the matter. Indeed, the only person who acted with the madness of Hitler was Trotsky himself! It is actually Trotsky who should be compared with Hitler – and not Joseph Stalin. The workers must continue to educate and organise – this is how we defeat the fascism of Trotskyism and over-throw the capitalism that inspired him! 

English Language References: 

Grover Furr: Leon Trotsky’s Collaboration with Germany and Japan – Trotsky’s Conspiracies of the 1930s Volume Two, Erythros Press, (2017) 

MJ Olgin: Trotskyism – Counter-Revolution in Disguise 1935, Red Star Publishing, (2017) – this is an important eye-witness account. 

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