Asian-American Police Officer Tou Thao Assists White Colleagues Murder African-American George Floyd! (25.5.2020)

Murder Victim – George Floyd

The American invasion and interference in the internal affairs of the sovereign country of Vietnam from 1960-1975, resulted in the deaths of at least three million Vietnamese men, women and children. Enthused with the racist mentality of the Crusaders, the US, Australian and New Zealand troops murdered the Vietnamese people because they were a different race, followed a different culture and had democratically voted to be a Socialist State as part of their lawful exercise of their self-determination. The US was assisted by the Roman Catholic Church in an attempt to ‘convert’ an entire nation en mass away from the Chinese Buddhism and Confucianism the Vietnamese practiced (alongside folk religions very much like Daoism). Numerous Vietnamese Buddhist monks and nuns self-immolated in public to prove the superiority of their religious practice, over the superficial and capitalist-supporting theology of the oppressive Catholic Authorities (operating in US-controlled South Vietnam). The imperialist Catholics had no answers to these public demonstrations. The US was attempting to spread religious intolerance as part of attempting to establish predatory capitalism throughout Vietnam. Of course, Ho Chi Minh, General Giap and the Vietnamese Communist Party had other ideas and would go on to inflict a comprehensive military defeat upon the US by 1975!   

The minority of Vietnamese who had converted to Catholicism, joined the US-controlled Republic of Vietnam Army, and those who had assisted in committing atrocities and genocide in the name of US capitalism, were air-lifted out of South Vietnam as the Soviet tanks of the North Vietnamese Army rolled in to ‘Liberate’ South Vietnam! These Vietnamese were greed-infested murderers who had sold-out their own people and culture for the American dollar. These psychologically unstable murderers were redefined by the US Authorities as ‘good Americans’ and resettled in the United States. The Hmong ethnic minority lived in the mountainous areas of Vietnam and possess their own unique culture and language. These once gentle and retiring people were carefully infiltrated by the CIA and their culture slowly obliterated through US influence. Young Hmong men were taught to murder ethnic Vietnamese with impunity, whilst young Hmong women were often gang-raped by ‘friendly’ US Servicemen as part of their initiation into ‘prostitution’. These CIA prostitutes would deliberately ‘infect’ Vietnamese clients with STDs and assist in the assassination of clients when called to do so. Hmong parents were paid around $100 for each of their children to be used in this manner.  

With the fall of Saigon (the Southern capital), many hundreds of Hmong loyal to the forces of US imperialism were evacuated to the US where their brain-washing continued! Although racially discriminated against by the White population of the US, the US government now declared the Hmong people ‘free’ of the influence of Socialism! Their only avenue of endeavour, or so they were told, was to learn to mimic the superior behaviour of their White colleagues, and avoid associating themselves with African-American or Mexican culture. This is how the Hmong were introduced into the racist culture of the US, and demonstrates the price they paid for collaborating with the US invaders, betraying their own country of Vietnam, the Socialist System preferred by the majority of people in that country. A Hmong-American police officer named ‘Tou Thao’ assisted his White colleagues murder 48-year-old George Floyd on the 25.5.2020. He did this by a) not stopping his colleagues from ‘kneeling’ on Floyd’s neck and windpipe, and b) by actively keeping back a multi-ethnic crowd that had gathered to protest what was unfolding before them. Tou Thao – as an Asian-American – was not a ‘victim’ of White racism at this point, but an active participant in a brutal act of White supremacy all too common nowadays during the reign of Trump fascism. Facts about this race-traitor and facilitator of murder are: 

Former Police Officer Tou Thao – Complicit in Murder

He is of Hmong descent. 

He is a 12-year veteran. 

The Minneapolis Police Department hired him on February 4, 2008. 

He started as a community service officer. 

His badge number is 7162. 

In 2009, he went through the Minneapolis Police Academy. 

He was laid off from 2010 to 2011. 

In 2012, the Minneapolis Police Department hired him back and gave him a full-time position. 

Six complaints have been filed against him prior to Floyd’s death but no disciplinary action was ever taken, according to Communities United Against Police Brutality. 

On October 7, 2014, he and fellow police officer Robert Thunder arrested Lamar Ferguson, physically assaulted the arrestee and took him to the hospital before putting him to jail. 

In 2017, he and Thunder were sued by Ferguson for excessive use of force and the case was closed in 2018 with the Minneapolis Police Department settling with Ferguson for $25,000. 

For the case involving the death of Floyd, he is represented by Robert Paule, one of the top-rated criminal Défense attorneys in Minneapolis with more than three decades of experience in general practice. 

He did not physically touch Floyd and was busy interacting with the eyewitnesses, asking them to “get back on the sidewalk” while his three colleagues were holding the arrestee. 

Thao has been accused of corruption and brutality in the past, but as is typical of the police, no action was taken against him. He and his partner once targeted a man and his heavily pregnant partner. The man was beaten to the ground and stripped of his clothes by Thao before being taken to hospital to treat his injuries. Thao and his partner verbally abused the pregnant woman – threatening to induce a miscarriage. Again, no action was taken. Tou Thao appears to be operating in the US like a well-trained CIA agent – killing and torturing with impunity. As an Asian-American he sides with the White racism and White supremacy that is aimed at Chinese people (and people of colour) every day in the US, and which has intensified since the election of Trump. Although he never touched Floyd, his thuggish attitude and belligerent posturing speaks volumes – he enjoyed what was happening and the power he possessed to control those people he views as ‘liberals’ protesting the situation and attempting to intercede on the behalf of a dying George Floyd! Tou Thao is a disgrace to Asian-Americans from an ethnic population who are traitors to the land of their birth – Vietnam.  

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