YCL: Protest Againt Neo-Nazi Ukrainian ‘Maidan’ Regime – Outside Ukrainian Embassy – London (10.2.2018)


On a day of cold rain and biting wind, around 15 people concerned about the neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ regime gathered in the Holland Park area of London, outside the Ukrainian Embassy. This day of progressive protest was called by the Young Communist League of the Communist Party of Britain (CPB) and involved protests all over the UK. The ‘Maidan’ neo-Nazi regime has its roots in the Nazi German invasion of the Ukrainian area of the Soviet Union and the two years of hell the Ukrainian people were subjected too. The Nazi Germans steadily worked their way through the Ukrainian population, committing atrocity after atrocity, killing all the Jews, Communists, Russians, disabled, homosexuals and anyone loyal to the USSR. Indeed, the Ukraine saw some of the greatest massacres of the WWII holocaust to be carried-out by the Nazi Germans. Although most Ukrainians remained loyal to the Soviet cause, there were a minority of Ukrainians who joined the Nazi Germans and actively participated in the ethnic, cultural and political cleansing. Although the Red Army effectively liberated Ukraine in 1943, bands of Ukrainian traitors held-out under the command of unsurrendered Nazi German officers. They took to the forested areas of Westerner Ukraine and fought an insurgency campaign against the USSR that was not defeated until 1947. After the Red Army defeated the major Nazi German formations, it pushed on toward Berlin, and Red Army troops were replaced by specially trained NKVD troops. Many Ukrainian ‘Nationalist’ Units were found to be armed with US and UK manufactured weapons – but Stalin chose to ignore this discovery as the USSR was still an ally of the West. Although defeat in 1947 after bitter and brutal fighting, neo-Nazi uprisings continued in Western Ukraine up until 1955, after which time the Nazi-sympathisers disappeared into the general population. The ‘Maidan’ neo-Nazi regime that illegally runs Western Ukraine today is supported by the UK, US and EU simply because it is opposed to Russia. The ‘Maidan’ regime teaches a pseudo-hiistory through its academia, and has ‘banned’ the Communist Party and the Red Flag of freedom. This is why we took great pleasure in standing outside the Ukrainian Embassy holding the very flag that Ukrainian Communist cannot fly at the moment. DOWN WITH FASCISM!














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