The Freedom of Communist Democracy Versus the Elected Dictatorships of the West


From the smallest villages to the biggest cities, people living in Cuba, Vietnam, Laos, North Korea and China, and a far greater democratic choice than people living in capitalist ‘liberal’ democracies. Whereas governments within capitalist ‘liberal’ democracies are effectively ‘elected dictatorships’ run exclusively for the aggrandisement of the middle classes, within Socialist countries building toward a Communist society, people possess a far greater voting power. If a local delegate fails to represent the people who elected him or her to a particular committee, an ’emergency’ election is held and the deligate in question is removed from their post. furthermore, elected politicians that propose to pursue policies against the interest of the people who elected him or her, can be arrested and charged for ‘crimes against the people’. Within the capitalist West, however, once a political party is elected into power, it may hold that position for 4 or 5 years and do whatever the leader decides regardless of the views of the masses. This is an elected dictatorship that supports and protects the inherent inequalities existent within the capitalist system. The masses existing within such an exploitative system are brain-washed to think that they are ‘free’ simply because they can vote in an election every 4 or 5 years. In the meantime, they are subject to all  the destructive policies of these warmongering and greedy national governments that only represent the middle classes. Within Communist China, despite the continuous anti-China racism and disinformation extant in the West, the Chinese people vote often and far more effectively than people in the capitalist West. This was exactly the case in the former Soviet Union and the Communist Bloc countries of Eastern Europe. Today, Russian people are disempowered and subject to the oppressive forces of liberal democracy and the corrupt capitalist system it supports.

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