Further Thoughts on Ukrainian ‘Maidan’ Neo-Nazism (12.2.2018)


Ukrainian Embassy – Holland Park – London (YCL Anti-Neo-Nazi Protest)

Every true Socialist and Communist opposes all forms of fascism, which includes neo-Nazism. As Lenin stated, fascism in capitalism in decline, and represents the most destructive aspect of the capitalist system. By opposing, combatting and defeating fascism, the transition of capitalism into Socialism is brought ever nearer. Although Trotskyite Socialists have collaborated with fascism ever since 1938 (when Trotsky called upon his ‘Socialist’ followers to assist fascist Italy and Nazi Germany to ‘over-throw’ the USSR), Marxist-Leninists are duty-bound to resist fascism in every way possible. This involves the resistance of emotion, thought and action. When a Soviet Red Army soldier was being photographed whilst being shot in the head by a Finnish fascist – he looked at the camera and ‘smiled’. Although murdered moments later, his smile ‘resist’ fascism down through the ages.


The neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ regime is a neo-Nazi movement historically linked to the Nazi German invasion of the Ukraine during the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945). It could not have come to power, however, without financial and material support from President Obama in the US, and Prime Minister Cameron in the UK. Of course, once endorsed by the ‘Anglo-Saxons’, the EU was quick to support it and initiate a ruthless anti-Socialist and anti-Russian campaign. Then the ‘purges’ began as neo-Nazi death squads spread-out through Western Ukraine arresting, torturing and murdering anyone who got in their way, or opposed their fascism. The noble people of Eastern Ukraine have formed Socialist Republics and are currently fighting a war of self-defence against this ‘Maidan’ neo-Nazi offensive. Statues of Lenin have been pulled-down and replaced with images of Adolf Hitler or other Nazi German War Criminals now revered by the ‘Maidan’ regime. Twice on marches in the UK I have been approached by Ukrainian students demanding  take my Red Flag down because the ‘Communist Party’ is outlawed in the Ukraine. Although the Ukraine was not in the EU – David Cameron set in place a facility whereby Ukrainian students can come to the UK at the British taxpayer’s expense, and attend university ‘free of charge’, at a time when British students are being charged tens of thousands of pounds to study! My partner (Gee) and myself have families that have fought fascism in Europe and China, and we are proud to continue this resistance today. We teach our children to be independently minded and physically free, and to afford every other human-being these freedoms. After the protest was completed on Saturday (10.2.2018) outside the Ukrainian Embassy, the British police approached the area with sirens screeching. As we can never be sure how the British police will behave (after-all, they are protecting the ‘neo-Nazi’ Ukrainian Embassy), we took our two young children and made a discreet exist from the area. This is how we involve (and protect) our children during political activism and live to protest another day!


YCL: Protest Againt Neo-Nazi Ukrainian ‘Maidan’ Regime – Outside Ukrainian Embassy – London (10.2.2018)


On a day of cold rain and biting wind, around 15 people concerned about the neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ regime gathered in the Holland Park area of London, outside the Ukrainian Embassy. This day of progressive protest was called by the Young Communist League of the Communist Party of Britain (CPB) and involved protests all over the UK. The ‘Maidan’ neo-Nazi regime has its roots in the Nazi German invasion of the Ukrainian area of the Soviet Union and the two years of hell the Ukrainian people were subjected too. The Nazi Germans steadily worked their way through the Ukrainian population, committing atrocity after atrocity, killing all the Jews, Communists, Russians, disabled, homosexuals and anyone loyal to the USSR. Indeed, the Ukraine saw some of the greatest massacres of the WWII holocaust to be carried-out by the Nazi Germans. Although most Ukrainians remained loyal to the Soviet cause, there were a minority of Ukrainians who joined the Nazi Germans and actively participated in the ethnic, cultural and political cleansing. Although the Red Army effectively liberated Ukraine in 1943, bands of Ukrainian traitors held-out under the command of unsurrendered Nazi German officers. They took to the forested areas of Westerner Ukraine and fought an insurgency campaign against the USSR that was not defeated until 1947. After the Red Army defeated the major Nazi German formations, it pushed on toward Berlin, and Red Army troops were replaced by specially trained NKVD troops. Many Ukrainian ‘Nationalist’ Units were found to be armed with US and UK manufactured weapons – but Stalin chose to ignore this discovery as the USSR was still an ally of the West. Although defeat in 1947 after bitter and brutal fighting, neo-Nazi uprisings continued in Western Ukraine up until 1955, after which time the Nazi-sympathisers disappeared into the general population. The ‘Maidan’ neo-Nazi regime that illegally runs Western Ukraine today is supported by the UK, US and EU simply because it is opposed to Russia. The ‘Maidan’ regime teaches a pseudo-hiistory through its academia, and has ‘banned’ the Communist Party and the Red Flag of freedom. This is why we took great pleasure in standing outside the Ukrainian Embassy holding the very flag that Ukrainian Communist cannot fly at the moment. DOWN WITH FASCISM!














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