Not All Propaganda is Wrong!


We live in a world dominated by corporate propaganda that is hidden in plain sight. We are told what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and with what to do it. This reality runs counter to the central claim of liberal democracy that we are ‘free’ to choose, and that everything is decided through a group decision. This is obviously untrue. The bourgeois, capitalist system is ‘weighted’ to optimally serve those who possess the majority of wealth, because possessing the majority of wealth, corresponds to possessing the majority of political power. Those who control the banking system, control the political system and the media, and are responsible for structuring the education system. As religion is thrown into the mx to prevent any mass movement ‘away’ from this psychological and physical brain-washing, it can be truthfully stated that everyone is ‘singing from the same hymn book’. The video below, is a random collection of interesting snippets from other presentations, all protesting about various issues surrounding corporate brain-washing. Due to the disparate nature of the its content, there is no overtly ‘Socialist’ agenda, or any single leftwing ideology underlying all the different viewpoints.

In fact, so general is this video, that anyone watching can ‘project’ any interpretation he or she feels comfortable with, upon its content. It appears centre-left, and anti-capitalist without really advocating any alternative viewpoint. However, the maker of this video includes an attack upon gay marriage which is fully rightwing in origin – despite expressing intolerant and fascistic viewpoints often shared by certain section of the leftwing. The clip in question suggests that something is very wrong with the fact that today, far fewer people are opposed to gay marriage than in previous years. Just think about this for a moment, and apply to this snippet critical thinking. Could you imagine a similar article making the same argument against ‘mixed’ marriages in the US? Less people today are opposed to mixed marriages than 50 years ago? Or, that today less White people tolerate racist attitudes toward non-Whites? In the 1920’s and 1930’s in the US, ‘White’ Unions (with Socialist tendencies) openly exercised racist attitudes toward Black and Asian workers – preventing them from joining. The point is that moving ‘away’ from bourgeois bigotry is generally viewed by the left as a good thing, and the encouragement of bigotry a bad thing. It is not ‘wrong’ to be more tolerant and better educated – as this rightwing snippet would have you believe.

The individual snippets in this video make a number of good points, but the motive of the uploader has to be questioned, when good old fashioned fascistic homophobia is seamlessly ‘slotted in’ just as the audience has been lulled into a false sense of security! This does seem in-line with the antics of the US ‘Alternative Right’ movement, which deliberately mixes left and rightwing rhetoric to gain converts from the leftwing. Throwing-in a (very good) snippet from North Korea, and quite rightly criticising Joseph Goebbels (the Nazi German propaganda minister), are very much red herrings. A point this documentary misses (whilst exposing many hypocritical aspects of the capitalist system), is that not all propaganda is wrong, harmful or bad. Why would a video-uploader miss-out this vital and important point? It is because he or she prefers bourgeois individualism (i.e. the basis of capitalist exploitation) over Socialist collectivity (i.e. the basis of Communist freedom). The over-all effect this video gives, is that each and everyone of us should live in a state of perfected isolation (i.e. ‘hyper individualism’), completely cut-off from any and all interaction that might compromise a state of natural ignorance. This is absurd and the rhetoric of pure capitalist exploitation. A person who does not interact, who is not educated and guided, cannot develop critical thinking, and ultimately oppose and over-throw the capitalist system. In the final analysis, this conglomerate of a video projects the nonsense that the only effective way to fight capitalism, is to adhere to its strictures without deviation. This rabid and insane idea must be combatted with logical and precise Socialist propaganda.

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