When Computers Turn ‘Racist’!


Valdimir Myakovsky was the founder of ‘Communist Futurism’. He was of the opinion that humanity could eventually solve all its many problems through the use of technology – but only within the context of a ‘Socialist’ society where science is used by the people, in the name of the people, and for the benefit of the people. In such a society, scientists and manufacturers are not motivated by monetary profit, but rather through the very real idea that each innovation is relieving human (and animal) suffering, and as such is collectively ‘progressing’ humanity forward in its positive development and evolution.

People in the West – particularly the USA – are a priori conditioned to such an extent that not only do they never question the ideology of the capitalist system they exist within, by and large they nolonger possess the cognitive ability to formulate such a questioning. Many waste their time chasing ‘single issues’ of protest, areas of exploitative existence generated by the capitalist system. This is the great victory of the capitalists. Their system of ruthless exploitation and profiteering continues nonetheless, despite any and all doubts the populace might have about specific aspects of it. The capitalists offer ‘reform’ and ‘alteration’, but this just means a change in superficial presentation which the brain-washed accept as ‘real’ change. In the meantime, the whole-sale exploitation of humanity continues unabated. It is not technology that is the problem (as incorrectly assumed by this interesting video), but rather the way this technology is being used by the capitalist system that produces it. It is the capitalist system that should be attacked, and not the technology itself (which could be used to improve life for humanity, if the underlying capitalist exploitation ceased to function).

What is interesting to me, is that racism arises out of the capitalist system and its ruthless division of labour – and this video mentions a computer programme which when left to its own devices, started producing ‘racist’ rhetoric – surely an overt expression of the racism in the minds of its human creators. Another example involves a computer language that evolved beyond the understanding of its programmers – surely a manifestation of the ‘dishonesty’ and ‘deception’ that underlies ALL capitalist discourse.

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