China Unsettles Western Imperialism


The bourgeois, racist, imperialist West is running scared of modern, Communist China.  It is running scared because despite a tremendous propaganda drive against the so-called ‘threat’ of Communism, all the anger and hatred the greedy bourgeoisie could muster, with its false words, bombs and bullets, could not dislodge China in the manner in which it brought down the Soviet Union in 1991.  Make no mistake about it, anti-Chinese racism has been a key ingredient in the attack on China and her chosen path of Scientific Socialism.  So potent has this racialised anti-Communist policy been that even Chinese people living outside of China mindlessly trumpet the White racist attitudes of the imperialists toward their fellow ethnic brothers and sisters in Mainland China, not realising that they to are viewed as racially inferior by the very same White masters they serve.  The White imperialists laugh at the success of this ‘divide and conquer’ tactic, rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of a ‘Chinese-led’ counter-revolution.  So potent has this racialised anti-Communist policy been that a ‘racist’ anti-China rhetoric is now evident in many strands of Black Nationalist ideology, the African and African diasporic narrative now mimicking the racist propaganda of the White imperialists, are taking-on without thought, the Western notion that Chinese Communists exist to ‘exploit’ Black people, and take away their freedom – the very things White imperialists have historically already done to Black people, and continue to do.  However, although China as a nation and an ethnicity must face this racial onslaught alone, all is not lost, as China is on the correct dialectical path of self-achieved freedom through a Marxist-Leninist Revolution, as perpetuated by Mao Zedong.  No matter what racist lies the White imperialists concoct, China is reading history (and historical trends) correctly, in exactly the non-inverted manner that Marx (and Engels) envisioned, no  more and no less.  As the West operates from an ‘inverted’ mind-set, its greed obsessed ideologues are unable to perceive or acknowledge this truth, and so are unable to do anything about it.  The White imperialists, however, simply stick to their predictable racism and lies as a means to topple Communist China – a policy that is not working.  As a result, China is moving ahead in all technological and scientific fields, and leaving the West behind.

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