The Academy School Rip-Off (2016)


Taxpayers Fund Large Wages and Lavish Perks of Academy School Chiefs

Since 2010, the Tories (assisted by the LibDems), concocted a rightwing plan to ‘privatise’ all schools in England by selling-off their assets to the private business and finance sector, for a fraction of their value.  When individual (local) schools are ‘sold-off’ in this manner, they are automatically ‘withdrawn’ from Local Education Authority (LEA) control, and the ‘legal’ protection the LEA is designed to afford to education staff, pupils and parents.  This means that local schools cease to be ‘public’ property, and instead become the ‘legal’ property of ‘private’ business entities – entities that do not have to make their identity readily available to the general public (whose children are entrusted to their care).  When in LEA control, local schools are publically owned for the betterment of the system-wide education of the general public (i.e. all children throughout the land), but when under ‘Academy’ control, local schools are run as a means to ‘make a profit’ for ‘private’ business interests.  The longterm point of this Tory privatisation policy is to eventually abolish and ‘sell-off’ all LEA’s and LEA assets.  The rightwing Tories are doing this because the LEAs have the function of guaranteeing that ‘all’ children in the UK receive an adequate education, and that through the agency of taxation, that education is paid for by the general public and is of a reasonably ‘high’ standard.  Under the Academy scheme, failing educational areas, instead of being assisted through more money and better education policies, are punished by having funding ‘reduced’ and funnelled into already well-functioning rich areas.  Therefore, in the short-term, rich areas appear to benefit from an in-rush of extra cash, but of course, funding can only be withdrawn once from poor areas, and soon even the rich areas have to resort to free market economics in the class room.  Children are given ‘notes’ by their teachers to be given to their parents, with whole lists of spurious items that need to be ‘paid for’ by the parents (who have already paid many times over for the education of their children through taxation).  This is because the private businesses that ‘own’ academies are there not to help the children receive a decent education, but to exploit these children (and their children) for financial gain.  The Guardian article above exposes the monumental scale of the corruption in the higher echelons of the ‘Academy’ system, including massive expenses to fly US citizens to the UK to advise how to ‘dismantle’ that country’s ‘Socialised’ education system.  This Tory policy is essentially the legalised abuse of Britain’s young and vulnerable school children and must be brought to an end.

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