When Black Nationalism Fails to Condemn Capitalism


From a Marxist perspective, the rabid and highly destructive racism perpetuated by the European nations over the last 500 years, has its roots in the propensity for one distinct socio-economic group to dominate another.  One group, bound together as it is by a ‘shared’ culture, religion, language and mythology,  behaves very much like an individual trying to secure control of as much resources as possible, to increase his or her potential chances of survival (through the ‘maintained’ impoverishment of others).  Through the development of the Industrial Revolution in England during the 1700’s, this policy took on a definite material advantage over all other ethnic and cultural groupings.  Eurocentric racism, therefore, has its roots deeply embedded within the economic system that is ‘capitalism’.  Changing laws within capitalist society simply moves the problem of racism away from manifesting within polite society, to another, more acceptable area. For example, White mobs descending on Black townships to ‘lynch’ innocent Black people is thankfully over in the US, but today the ‘White’ police force in the US murders innocent Black people all the time, in a manner that is ‘culturally’ acceptable to White Americans (hence its continuation even under a Black President). The point is that no matter how many superficial laws are passed (moving racism out of obvious sight, whilst allowing its presence to continue), as long as the capitalist system stays in place, racism will be continuously perpetuated from generation to generation because the White ethnicity currently possess all the political and economic power, and is reluctant to relinquish this centuries-old advantage.  In the 1964 General Election in the UK, for instance, the racist Conservative Party won a Parliamentary seat using the slogan ‘If you want a n*gger for a neighbour, vote Labour.’  This ‘racist’ campaign was backed by such openly racist and politically far-right newspapers as the Daily Mail and The Telegraph, amongst others, but opposed by the Labour left, the Socialists and the Communists.  When the Tories won the seat of Smethwick, a wave of racist xenophobia swept the nation, and a British arm of the American White Supremacist Klu Klux Klan (KKK) was formed.  This was followed by the targeting of Black and Asian adults and children living in the area, with burning crosses pushed through letterboxes, and gangs of White school children being encouraged by their parents to single-out Black and Asian children in the local schools to be beaten and abused – a process the Mail and Telegraph described as ‘White people standing-up for themselves.’  Needless to say, as the White ethnicity retains all he power within any given European society, Black an Asian people have to ‘normalise’ existing within a social and economic system that continuously seeks to dominate them at the point of contact, and within every conceivable context.  This is the bare face of capitalism that cannot be ‘reformed’ away, or ‘compromised’ out of existence.  Capitalism itself is the perpetual problem or root of this illness.  This is why those Black Nationalist groups that perpetuate a rhetoric of counter-racism (toward ‘Whites’) are simply conforming to capitalist ideology – mistaking this for ‘self-empowerment’.  Authentic self-empowerment will be secured only if the spectre of White racist capitalism is rejected and uprooted from the entirety of humanity.  It is interesting to note that Black Nationalists that do not reject capitalism, generally fully support the White bourgeoisie’s denigration of Scientific Socialism, Communism, the Soviet Union and Communist China – or the very ideology that has forever fought for the end of capitalism and oppression at every turn.  I recently read an article shared on a Black Awareness group that compared Mussolini and Hitler (the founders and perpetuators of 20th century fascism and the greatest crimes against humanity), with Mao Zedong and Stalin – both of whom led ‘Communist’ regimes that stood-up to, and eventually defeated the forces of international fascism.  How stupid and counter-productive to the Black cause.  The Chinese people lost 60 million men, women, and children fighting Japanese fascism, whilst the Soviet Union lost 27-40 million men, women and children fighting German fascism.  It makes you wonder who is pulling the strings.









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