Memorial to the Stupidity of Capitalists

Dedicated To US Communists

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg – Executed on the 19.6.1953

Lee Harvey Oswald – Murdered 24.11.1963

Paul Robeson (1898-1976) – Persecuted US Communist

The Millions of Others Who Die Isolated and Alone in the US System

The rightwing Christian, capitalist, gun-loving Republican George W Bush, in 2007, dedicated a fascistic statue in Washington, supposedly for the ‘Victims of Communism’ (which was originally agreed to by Democratic President Clinton in 1993).  This has been part of a far-wider assault on post-Soviet Russia, and the continued attempt by the US to undermine and destroy Communist China.  The moronic nature of the George W Bush can be seen categorised in the above Youtube clip, but this apparently inherited stupidity can be seen in his father – George HW Bush – whom when President of the USA in 1991 (whilst warmongering in the Middle East), annulled the 1975 UN Declaration that Zionism is a form of racism.  The economic system of capitalism kills people every single second around the world, but this killing is ‘normalised’ through the auspices of bourgeois sentimentalism, bureaucracy, denial, fabrication, racism, greed, naked stupidity, and exploitative domination of the middle class over the working class.  Killing, when perpetuated by the capitalist system, is invertedly justified in the minds of the bourgeois through the distorted logic that those who have needlessly died at the hands of the capitalist system have brought it upon themselves.  Capitalism describes the avoidable death it inflicts on all peoples, as being a matter of ‘personal choice’.  In other word, the victims of capitalism (involuntarily) chose their own deaths.  The capitalist continues to live in his or her palace of luxury which is built on the broken backs of the workers.  Nothing the middle class possesses has been made by it, but has been forcibly produced through the exploitation it inflicts upon the workers. As capitalism is premised upon inequality, injustice, and brutal exploitation, workers across the world are killed daily in a number of ways.  Rich countries militarily attack and destroy the poorer or weaker countries, killing hundreds of thousands or millions as a result.  The middle class in one country continuously attacks its own domestic working class as it drives the work-force to produce ever greater quantities of products for ever smaller levels of pay and poorer living conditions.  The middle class does this to minimalize out-goings and increase (and retain) monetary profit for themselves.  Workers can die in this way because there will always be more workers desperate to take their places in their eternal struggle to earn a crust.  Workers who fall through this exploitative system (for various reasons) end-up dying of exposure or hunger living homeless on the streets.  This is why a ‘Memorial for the Victims of Capitalism’ would have to be immense, because the sheer scope of its victims is growing all the time, and never ends.

It is capitalism that kills the working class and it is Scientific Socialism (Communism) which, as an antidote to middle class greed, brings capitalism to an end by evolving its structures into Socialism.  Socialism does not destroy capitalism, but simply transforms its existing manifestation into a working class-friendly form of existence which sees political power transferred from the minority middle class and into the hands of the majority working class.  This is the Socialist development of true ‘democracy’ that puts the power into the hands of the majority of people within society.  This is the working class taking power for themselves, just as in centuries past, the bourgeoisie fought ruthless and bloody wars (which killed millions around the world) to establish their hegemony of capitalist exploitation over the toiling masses.  The bourgeois capitalists, of course, ruthlessly took power from the upper class, its aristocracy and its absolute monarchs.  This process devastated traditional hierarchical societies and caused untold misery and death, and yet today, the bourgeois capitalists present their system of exploitation as being both ‘natural’ and ‘just’ when it is historically neither.  Capitalism kills those suffering under its dictates every single second, but as it controls education and the media, the capitalists ensure that the working class are kept in an ignorant and fearful state, and that they are fed a continuous stream of lies to encourage a hatred toward Socialism – the very philosophy designed to free the working class from its oppression.  To achieve this, bourgeois propaganda feeds a steady stream of lies, distortions, disinformation, and fabrications regarding the history of Socialism and Communism.  The bourgeois know well that their capitalist system indiscriminately ‘kills’ all the time, and they are terrified that the working class will find this out for themselves (through Socialist-inspired self-education).  To counter this threat to capitalist hegemony, the bourgeoisie must import in Communist history a paradigm that does exist.  This is the projection of the murderous practises of capitalism which are super-imposed upon Communist history, so that the habitual ‘lying’ of capitalism is fallaciously presented as the main element of Communist ideology.  The capitalist distortion of Communism, therefore, ‘inverts’ and ‘distorts’ both Communism and its history into something it is not.  For the bourgeoisie, Communism is presented as an inferior version of capitalism.  One that will ‘kill’ the workers in a more intense fashion than the capitalist system they already exist within.  This is a simple but effective method for controlling poorly educated workers who struggle to survive in everyday capitalist existence.  As Communism ‘frees’ the workers (body and mind) from the trap of capitalism, the bourgeoisie must attack it incessantly as a means to protect their own power and prevent a Socialist revolution from taking place.  This policy of deception and lies may work for a time, but it cannot work forever.  Eventually the historical force of dialectical manifestation will alter the circumstance radically so that even the greatest of bourgeois lies will be seen through by even the simplest of people.  As matters stand today, Communists see through bourgeois duplicity already and are fit to lead the masses out of the capitalist morass.

The capitalists are rapidly running-out of ideas to hide the true murderous nature of their system.  The anti-Communist statue in Washington is a copy of the statue that students raised in Beijing in 1989.  However, the US and BBC narrative that a ‘massacre’ happened in Tiananmen Square was scuppered in 2011, when the rightwing British newspaper the Daily Telegraph reported that through wikileaks it was proven (through dispatches from the US embassy in Beijing to the government in the US) that NO massacre occurred in Beijing.  The idea that a ‘massacre’ occurred was a concoction by US President Ronald Reagan and UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and was perpetuated through the BBC.  This was part of a broader CIA-initiative to bring-down the Soviet Union and Communist China in one fell swoop.  In the case of China this anti-Communist propaganda did not work, and the reality is that the students who gathered in Tiananmen Square were protesting in support of their Communist government and against Western attempts to interfere in their chosen way of life.  Again, the stupidity of capitalists has been exposed.  Just four years after the raising of the anti-Communist, anti-China statue in Washington by George W Bush, it was exposed for the fraud that it is.  This might explain why only Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania openly endorse, alongside the illegitimate regime in Kiev.  What links these regimes together?  They are all areas of US and UK-backed neo-Nazi regimes, or resurgent neo-Nazi Movements instigated to harass Russia on her borders, and to confront the compassion of Socialism with the terror of fascism.  Capitalist have power, but as demonstrated, they are not that clever at all.  The working class possess the greater collective wisdom to transform society for the better and evolve humanity to a higher level.

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