The Philosophical Irrelevancy of the Bourgeois Critique


Modern, industrialised, technological societies are permeated by class bias. Ever since the ‘bourgeois’ or ‘middle class’ swept to power around the world through its bloody civil wars, pogroms, atrocities, genocides, and suppressions; the prevailing interpretative social, economic, and historical narratives (that is the dominant manner through which ‘reality’ is presented to the masses), has been thoroughly one-sided. The bourgeois approach to the interpretation of society presents the rhetoric of middle class thought, behaviour, and action (i.e. ‘bourgeois culture’) as not only ‘normal’, ‘civilised’, and self-evidently ‘perfect’, but also as being the only possible way in which society can be run and events influenced, moulded, directed, scrutinised and otherwise conceived. The bourgeois mind-set is a priori that of the domineering class that presents its hegemony to the world not in an impartial, or even benevolent fashion, but rather in a highly oppressive format designed to eternally preserve its own privileges at the expense of the working class. The bourgeois must pursue this course, because throughout history its existence has been premised upon the accumulation and retainment of wealth (and political power) within a given society at the expense of the majority of the other occupants of that society.

Although the affluent bourgeois have always been in the minority within a society, it retains its socio-economic, cultural and political dominance through the acquisition and maintaining of political power, prestige, and force. The forceful component involves the controlling of academia (so that only bourgeois thinking is emphasised through official educational programmes); the police (which exists to protect the rich bourgeois from the working class poor) and to apply bourgeois law in an asymmetric manner that profits the already wealthy and powerful over the poor and disenfranchised; the legal systems which hides behind the false notion that ‘all’ citizens have an ‘equal’ access to a law that is ‘neutral’. The reality of bourgeois societies is that the citizens only have the ‘legal rights’ that they can financially ‘prove’ they possess through access to an expensive lawyer, or other legal professional. This principle of ‘access through wealth’, ensures that only the wealthy bourgeois can fully take advantage of, and benefit from, a legal code specifically designed to represent their own class interests. This is why within bourgeois societies the working class is ‘subjected’ to the law, and not directly ‘supported’ by it. This legal disparity is the essence of socio-economic and class inequality in a bourgeois society. The bourgeois also control the political system and within liberal democracies ensure that only the wealthy can realistically enter the process of democratic elections and stand for parliament. Bourgeois political systems – even if on occasion allow some type of working class-friendly policy to materialise in the country – are pre-set to subsequently dismantle every progressive policy that benefits the workers, and re-address the balance in class relations by firmly placing the bourgeois back in a position of dominance. This is because bourgeois politics are premised upon attacking the working class relentlessly and without mercy. Of course, should the working class ‘rise-up’, the bourgeois system simply deploys the armed forces (which are generally used to protect the bourgeois State and bourgeois privilege), so that any working class movement of self-assertion is shot-down in blood and murder. Should the working class develop a class consciousness, this is stifled from becoming the dominant narrative within a bourgeois society because the media is controlled by those who retain the wealth. Working class people are fed a steady diet of nonsense, prejudice, sleight of hand, deception, misinformation, disinformation, racism, misogyny, discrimination, and blatant lies, through media outlets that peddle the ‘news’ as a cross between information and entertainment; a continued process that becomes normalised to the extent that no distinction between ‘information’ and ‘entertainment’ can be discerned.

As the bourgeois process of cultural dominance and oppression is ongoing, the propaganda it produces is designed for one purpose only, and that is the maintenance of its own power and prestige within society. The bourgeois paradigm is presumed to be the only way of viewing and knowing the world that is accepted as ‘true’, ‘worthwhile’, ‘credible’ and ‘useful’, and yet from a logical, reasonable and scientific perspective, the philosophical underpinnings of bourgeois society is premised upon the creation and perpetuation of faulty knowledge. Even bourgeois science is designed to further human knowledge through a class bias filter – so that any advances in understanding are presented around the maintaining of middle class privilege. Working class society, media, politics, culture, academia and science, free as it is from bourgeois corruption and oppression, is a thoroughly different way of viewing the world that in reality leads to a classless society. The bourgeois interpretation of Socialist and Communist movements, uprising, societies, regimes, and inclinations must be logically viewed as both flawed and false. The bourgeois historical narrative is easy to discern with practice, as it automatically associates working class notions of   ‘freedom’ with that of ‘oppression’. It deliberately conflates the Scientific Socialism of Marx and Engels with the fascist thought of Adolf Hitler (and his supporters). Bourgeois thought interprets every progressive advance of the working class in the Soviet Union and other Communist countries as being regressive, immoral and evil. This in part stems from the bourgeois obsession with its Judeo-Christian religion, and the use of its mythology and theology to scare workers into conforming to the norms of oppressive bourgeois society, even though these norms are not in their best class interests. The obvious hypocrisy here is that whilst pursuing logical science as a means to dominate society on the one hand, the bourgeoisie also perpetuate the ignorance of a ‘faith’ based religion to keep the workers firmly in their place. The working class view of the world is so different, progressive and free, that the bourgeois cannot possibly conceive of it, or appreciate it, without first giving-up the bourgeois mind-set. The capitalist system of brutality and oppression that the bourgeois has created is so corrupt, unequal, and unjust that it is actually holding humanity back from progressing further in its evolution. Capitalism is vicious and murderous. If a record was kept of the crimes of capitalism, it would be ongoing, comprise of untold volumes of details, and could never be completed. Capitalism kills those subjected to it, and this is an everyday occurrence that the bourgeois insist is never questioned. Every act of war and brutality is presented by the bourgeois as being both normal and natural. Bourgeois racism ensures that the suffering of theirs is viewed as inferior to the suffering of Europeans, and every ill in bourgeois society is blamed upon the working class, or migrants. The bourgeois must tirelessly work to prevent the working class from realising that all the ills within bourgeois society are caused entirely by the bourgeoisie itself, and that it is this highly exploitative class that must be over-come by working class revolutionary action. These reasons are why the bourgeois view of the world, being the self-serving illogicality that it is, should not be taken seriously by the workers. Instead the workers should educate themselves to ‘see through’ the bourgeois paradigm and free themselves from it. This is the first crucial step toward revolutionary change.

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