Master Xu Yun – Ch’an and Co-operating Causes

Ch'an Master Xu Yun (1840-1959)
Ch’an Master Xu Yun (1840-1959)

Research by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD

‘Confucius’ teaching was handed down until Mencius after whom it came to an end. In the Song Dynasty Confucian scholars (also) studied the Buddhadharma, and among them we can cite Zhou Lian-qi who practiced the Chan training and succeeded in realizing his mind, and others such as Cheng-zi, Zhang-zi and Zhu-zi (all famous Confucians). Therefore, the Chan Sect contributed in no small measure to the revival of Confucianism.

Nowadays there are many people who despise the Chan Dharma and who even make slanderous remarks about it, thus deserving hell.  Today, we have this excellent opportunity of being favoured with a co-operating cause which gathers us here. We should feel joy and should take the great vow to become objects of reverence for dragons and devas and to perpetuate the Right Dharma forever. This is no child’s play; so please make strenuous efforts to obtain more progress in your self-cultivation.’

(Empty Cloud: Translated by Charles Luk & Revised by Richard Hunn, Element Books (1988) – Page 187)

Xu Yun’s Original Chinese Language Autobiography Text Extract – Edited by Cen Xue Lu:


(虛雲和尚年譜 – 鼓山門下弟子順德岑學呂寬賢編輯)


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