Confucius Opposes Killing (My Translation) – Analects Book 12 – Chapter 19

Confucius Opposes Killing  季康子问政于孔子曰:“如杀无道,以就有道,何如” 孔子对曰:“子为政,焉用杀?子欲善而民善矣。君子之德风,小人之德草,草,上之风,必偃。”  Confucius: Analects – Book 12 – Chapter 19  Ji Kangzi asked Confucius about the nature of politics: ‘Is it not a matter of

Hui Jian (慧剑) – the Sword that Clears the Mind

Therefore the characters ‘慧剑’ (hui jian) represent a distinctly ‘Buddhist’ method of clearing the mind that is as decisive as a blow from a sharp sword used in scholarly self-defence. Despite its obvious Buddhist origin and undertones – the ‘sword’ is a clear concession to the Confucian establishment as it strove to integrate foreign Indian Buddhist thought, with that of Chinese indigenous understanding and belief.

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