Defining ‘Emptiness’ (Sunnata) and ‘Nothingness’ (Akincanna)! (5.2.2023) 

What does this mean? Dull nothingness (akincanna) is a thought form with a non-descript content. In other words, a thought is generated which is defined by the usual boundaries and parameters that constitute the average structured ‘thought’ form – but the meditator misunderstands this ‘non-descript’ content and mistakenly grasps it as being the empty mind ground. The trap here is that a manifest ‘thought’ (and stream of thought) is masquerading as the psychic fabric from which all structured thought arises – and which pre-exists all thought. This state is mistaken as complete and perfect enlightenment and those trapped within it start misleading others down the wrong path.

Sichuan: Drought Exposes Full Extent of Ancient Buddhist Artefact! (23.8.2022)

Although Buddhist philosophy must be distinguished from the religious urges which have often surrounded ‘Buddhism’ (Marx, Engels and Mao possessed a healthy respect for Early Buddhist dialectics), within ancient China and elsewhere, thousands upon thousands of individuals have been motivated to stop seeking-out their daily living, the sustenance of others and/or the means to change and transform human society for the betterment of all! Instead, what a modern humanity is left with today is the often impressive and awe-inspiring physical structures of the human populations of the past, which instead of communicating with a ‘hidden realm’ (as intended) are actually communicating with exactly the same humanity, simply a humanity occupying a different space and time from them!

Xi Jinping Welcomes the 11th Panchen Lama and Encourages Him in His Spiritual Studies! (26.10.2020)   

During this meeting, Xi Jinping encouraged him to study with diligence, practice with a pure intent, uphold the last wish of the 10th Panchen Lama, uphold the Buddhist concept of equality and compassion for all living beings, actively promote the adaptation of Tibetan Buddhism to the reality of a Socialist Society, and strive to become a person with profound Buddhist attainments and deep spiritual roots! Xi Jinping explained that a true Living Buddha is loved by all Tibetan Buddhist monastics and Tibetan lay people – and must strive to be loved by all the people of the world!  

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